Obits: Frankie Knuckles, ‘Godfather’ Of House Music, Passes Away At 59

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Chicago and the world was dealt a great blow as music pioneer dies.


James Rebhorn Wrote Himself An Incredibly Elegant Obituary

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Diagnosed with melanoma in 1992, James Rebhorn had actually penned his own obituary.


James Rebhorn Wrote His Own Obituary Before Dying And It's Beautiful

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We should all be so lucky as to be able to write our own obits. And to be so damn eloquent in doing so, too.

Uncle Junebug

Snoop Dogg – “Miss Everything” Video + Uncle June Bug Passes Away

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Rapper's uncle, long a fixture in his stage shows and videos, passes away.


Anna Gordy Gaye, Marvin Gaye’s Ex-Wife, Dies At 92

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Gordy passed away Friday with family members by her side.


‘Fresh Prince’ Actor James Avery Dies At 65

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How do we start 2014? By saying goodbye to James "Uncle Phil" Avery.


Obits: Three 6 Mafia’s Lord Infamous Dead At 40

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Rapper dies in his sleep after suffering a heart attack.


On Nelson Mandela’s Life, His Death And The Test Of A Man

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Rest In Power to Nelson Mandela, a man whose impact on the world will be felt for centuries to come.


Laurie Anderson’s Obituary For Her Late Husband Lou Reed Is Simple And Gorgeous


"Lou Reed was a prince and a fighter and I know his songs of the pain and beauty in the world will fill many people with the joy he felt for life."


Obits: Legendary Rocker Lou Reed Passes Away at 71

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Lou Reed, former lead singer of The Velvet Underground and an iconic solo artist, has died at the age of 71.


Kumar Pallana, AKA Pagoda from Royal Tenenbaums, dead at 94

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Kumar Pallana, a man best known to us as Royal Tenenbaum's faithful manservant Pagoda and the safe-cracking Kumar in Bottle Rocket, has died at the age of 94.


The Albuquerque Newspaper Ran An Obituary For Walter White Today

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We could totally be friends with the people who paid for this Walter White obituary to run in the paper.

so long

BlackBerry Is Dead. It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.

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BlackBerry is headed off the stock market in a private sale, and it's likely soon. But why?

William Freddie McCullough

RIP William Freddie McCullough, Lover Of ‘Beautiful Women, Reeses Cups And Jim Beam’

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2013 has been a great year for random people's obituaries. Add William Freddie McCullough to that list.

Weslyn "Mama Wes" Monroe

Obits: Pimp C’s Mother, Mama Wes, Passes Away

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Weslyn "Mama Wes" Monroe, the mother of Underground King Pimp C, reportedly passed away this morning.


“This Is Family Business”

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We aren't related by blood but we spend enough time together to form a familial bond.

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