Venture Capitalist Tom Perkins: Being Rich In America Is Like Being Jewish In Nazi Germany


Venture capitalist Tom Perkins compares the demonization of being rich in America to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. OK.

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‘V For Vendetta’ Writer Alan Moore Recorded A Song In Support Of The Occupy Movement

Alan Moore, author of "Watchmen" and "V For Vendetta," has released a single in support of the Occupy movement and Anonymous, in time for Guy Fawkes' night.


Alan Moore Greets Occupy V Masks Head-On, Awkward or Inspiring?


Despite how other graphic novelists may feel, Alan Moore has made it apparent that he doesn't mind the whole Occupy Movement thing.

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Talib Kweli – “Distractions” Video


Fans always demand their artists represent to the fullest even though there's little fanfare to be had.

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Jay-Z’s Relentless Pursuit Of Cabbage Immortalized On Totem Pole Of Greed

When Jay-Z's Rocawear clothing line began selling "Occupy All Streetz" t-shirts for $22 a pop a couple of weeks ago, many assumed that proceeds from the sales of the shirts would at least partially benefit the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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The Occupy Wall Street Protests Have Turned Ugly


As you may have heard, things turned contentious today with the Occupy Wall Street protests, as dozens were arrested in New York after protesters took to the streets in an effort to disrupt the typical symmetry of things in downtown Manhattan -- clashing with the NYPD in the process.

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Meme Watch: Rage Face Cop Has Had Enough Of Your Sh*t

In the hours after the NYPD methodically raided the Occupy Wall treet encampment in downtown Manhattan on Monday night, a photo emerged of a cop with a case of rage face like few I'd ever seen before.


Colbert On The Demise Of Occupy Wall Street

If anyone was going to "cheer" the demise of Occupy Wall Street, it was going to be Stephen Colbert, who famously visited Zucotti Park a couple of weeks ago disguised as Che Guevara.


Questlove Will Forever Be Occupy Wall Street’s Paul Revere

As you may have heard, last night thousands of NYPD officers in riot gear raided the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan.

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Morning Links: Wizard World Austin, Gina Carano’s Womb, More


This is what happens when you get excited about meeting a Power Ranger.

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Frank Miller is a delusional, curmudgeonly old A-hole


Frank Miller (above left, with Robert Rodriguez) is a graphic artist whose 300 and Sin City inspired the tone of at least three years worth of movie projects before he flamed out into one-dimensional self-parody (to say nothing of The Spirit, which is probably the best thing you could say about The Spirit).

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Rocawear Pulls Occupy Wall Street-Themed Shirts


Streetwear often pulls from pop culture and current events to create cashflow by selling products customers easily identify with.


This Foul-Mouthed Irishman In Need Of A Pint Should Really Be The Spokesman For Occupy Wall Street


I want to spend a weekday afternoon pounding pints in a centuries-old bar in the Irish countryside with this guy.

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Occupying the Links With The Best Photoshop Ever

(click to enlarge) ‘Women Struggling To Drink Water’ Is The New ‘Women Laughing Alone With Salad’ |UPROXX| Louis C.


Morning Links: Now Only 90% About Wrestling

Links ACW: Beyond Good & Evil 2011 - You really want to see Rachel Summerlyn dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Oh, So *This* Is Why Some People Hate Occupy Wall Street


As Brett noted yesterday on UPROXX, Stephen Colbert infiltrated Occupy Wall Street dressed up as Che Guevara for a segment on "The Colbert Report.


Stephen Colbert Visited Occupy Wall Street Disguised As Che Guevara


Okay, so this is probably one of the funniest Colbert stunts I've ever seen: he went down to Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan disguised as Che Guevara so he could "blend in.

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50 Cent Voices His Support For The Occupy Wall Street Movement


There have been plenty of celebrities who've come out to voice support for the Occupy Wall Street movement, but few have been all that surprising.

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