Meet Einstein, The Serious Activist Dog That Is Running For Mayor Of Oakland

Even though he can't really run for office, Einstein is the Occupy dog that is making a name for himself in Oakland's mayoral race.


Hipster Elitist Ruins British Boat Race Because He Hates Elitists


Ever since that whole “Occupy” thing started way back when, I was always curious as to why there weren’t more protesters at sporting events, railing against those millionaire athletes and billionaire owners for having all that success and money and not giving it away for free.


Dolphins Fans Are Doing The Occupy Thing


Yesterday we touched on the fury of a growing number of Miami Dolphins fans with the team’s GM Jeff Ireland, and how the first step in this united fan coup was roughing up the guy’s Wikipedia page.


Boston DA Tries To Keep Twitter Subpoena Secret, Fails Miserably


I live in Boston, and one of the more pathetic aspects of this year has been watching the Boston Police Department spend thousands of dollars to steal a sink and getting called out by their fellow police unions over their handling of Occupy Boston, which they bungled financially on top of it all.


Alan Moore to Contribute to “Occupy Comics”


Hard on the heels of punting Frank Miller for a field goal over Miller's boneheaded comments about the Occupy movement, Alan Moore has announced he'll be contributing a prose piece to "Occupy Comics".

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