Fox Affiliate Discovers New 52, Freaks Out


If there's one thing we nerds can rely on, it's a Fox News affiliate getting nerd culture horribly, awfully wrong.


Congress Updates Law So Netflix Can Spam Your Facebook

You might remember Robert Bork, if you're a total nerd: every time somebody on Fox News screams about "legislating from the bench," they're quoting Bork.


‘Call of Duty: Elite’ Sure Bombed, Didn’t It?

As a general rule, if you're launching an online service, especially one that you expect many of your customers to pay $50 a year on top of paying for Internet access on their console, especially one tied to the sequel to one of the highest-selling video games in the entire history of the medium, especially one that, in the near future, you're hoping to turn into a freaking televised sport, you should make sure your customers can actually log into the service.

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