Louis CK Is Offering An Extended Version Of ‘Oh My God’ On His Website For $5


Louis's landmark HBO special - now with some twelve minutes of new material - is now available to stream and to own for his now-regular price of $5.


Watch Louis C.K.’s Amazing ‘Of Course, But Maybe’ Bit

By | 59 Comments

Check out Louis CK's instantly legendary "Of Course, But Maybe" bit from "Oh My God."


Louis C.K.'s New HBO Special Will Premiere In April

By | 16 Comments

Until "Louie" returns, the only Louis C.K. you'll see on TV is during an hour-long HBO stand-up special, "Oh My God," which premieres in April.


Skyrim “Crimes Against Nature” Mod Lives Up To Its Name

By | 7 Comments

Never have Crimes Against Nature been so awesome.

Geek Love

Sci-Fi Speed Dating Program Will Air On, You Guessed It, TLC

By | 2 Comments

COOL STORY, BRO I don't really think I'm letting the cat out of the bag here when I say that that The Learning Channel <a href="">is a terrible, terrible broadcasting platform</a>.


Oh, You Know, Just Recreating Middle Earth on Minecraft


Exactly like stripper pole lessons, Minecraft is whatever you decide to make out of it.

Foreign Policy

China: No Good At Giant Robots, Even Worse At Lying About Giant Robots

By | 3 Comments

A short while ago, <a href="">back in December</a>, we reported on a Chinese amusement park that was building a colossal 59-foot Gundam robot statue, as part of an attraction.

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