Sony Is Rebooting ‘Zorro.’ Guess What Movie The New Idea Is Compared To.

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Because all remakes and reboots have to be gritty, Sony Pictures is developing a new Zorro movie that will be just like another gritty reboot.


Gallery: Auburn Fans Rolled The Oaks At Toomer’s Corner One Last Time

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Last week, we discussed Giancarlo Guida, the Auburn grad and former Tigers rugby player who had a massive tattoo of Toomer’s Corner inked on his back, as that was one diehard fan’s way of saying goodbye to those iconic oak trees that were so heinously murdered by Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, Jr.


Hipster Elitist Ruins British Boat Race Because He Hates Elitists

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Ever since that whole “Occupy” thing started way back when, I was always curious as to why there weren’t more protesters at sporting events, railing against those millionaire athletes and billionaire owners for having all that success and money and not giving it away for free.


Golfer Sucks, Lights Course On Fire

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Shady Canyon Golf Club in Irvine, California recently reopened after a four-month hiatus, proudly boasting upgraded fairways for golfers throughout the Golden State to enjoy.

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