Bad British Commentary Gloriously Takes On The NCAA Championship Game

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Bad British Commentary is back to translate the NCAA's FBS Championship Game and hopefully offer some joy to depressed Oregon fans.

Mia Khalifa

Watch Porn Star And Florida State Superfan Mia Khalifa Detail Her Offer To Ohio State QB Braxton Miller

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Porn Star Mia Khalifa made Ohio State's Braxton Miller an offer he can't refuse in this video.


Ohio State Running Back Ezekiel Elliott Was Damn Near Perfect Last Night And Here Are The GIFs To Prove It

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Ezekiel Elliott was a superhero last night, a Frankenstein mashed up with pieces of Eddie George and Archie Griffin.


QoTD: Who’s Your Pick To Win Tonight’s College Football Championship – Ohio State Or Oregon?

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Who's your pick to win the first College Football Playoff title - Ohio State or Oregon?


Mystery Solved (Kind Of): Turns Out OSU Girl Was Probably Sitting With Her Boyfriend

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The mystery of OSU Girl and the man sitting next to her has probably been solved.


Watch An Ohio State Coach Obliterate A ‘Streaker’ With A WWE-Style Take Down

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The best tackle of the day in college football came from this OSU coach.


Who's Got NCAA Tournament Headline Jokes? Dayton Flyers Got Headline Jokes

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After the Dayton Flyers pulled off the first upset of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the Dayton Daily News poked fun at Ohio State with its front page headline.


The Mom Of A Recruit Won’t Sign His Letter Of Intent Because She Hates Michigan State

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Mailk McDowell is a 5-star football recruit who wants to go to Michigan State, but his mom won't sign his letter of intent.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

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At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.


Ohio State’s Amir Williams Comments On His Coach’s Dick-Riding. Sorry, ‘Back-Riding.’

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Amir Williams of the Ohio State basketball team attributes his success to Coach Matta being "on his dick." Well, in so many words.

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