Who's Got NCAA Tournament Headline Jokes? Dayton Flyers Got Headline Jokes

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After the Dayton Flyers pulled off the first upset of the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the Dayton Daily News poked fun at Ohio State with its front page headline.


The Mom Of A Recruit Won’t Sign His Letter Of Intent Because She Hates Michigan State

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Mailk McDowell is a 5-star football recruit who wants to go to Michigan State, but his mom won't sign his letter of intent.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

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At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.


Ohio State’s Amir Williams Comments On His Coach’s Dick-Riding. Sorry, ‘Back-Riding.’

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Amir Williams of the Ohio State basketball team attributes his success to Coach Matta being "on his dick." Well, in so many words.


Urban Meyer Eating Pizza Is The Saddest Picture Of The Year

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Urban Meyer looked pretty bummed as he ate pizza after his Ohio State Buckeyes lost to Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship.


Florida State, Auburn Headline 2013-2014 College Football Bowl Schedule

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The full slate of college football bowl games. Plan your life accordingly.


Meet Your New Overlord, The Ohio State Halftime Show Bowl-Flipping Red Panda Acrobat

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Meet the Red Panda Acrobat, a lady who can unicycle with one foot and kick a bunch of bowls onto her head because WAIT WHAT, WHAT IS SHE DOING


BCS Rankings: Florida State Tops, Ohio State Beats Out Auburn For No. 2 After Crazy Weekend

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Alabama finally takes a tumble in the BCS after Saturday's Iron Bowl loss.


Your College Football Recap, Week 14: The King is Dead

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<a href=""></a>Words by <a href="">Alec Bojalad</a> Holy f*cking football, Batman.


Cop: Nike Air Trainer SC High ‘Ohio State’

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Old school Trainers built for Buckeyes fans.


With Leather’s Watch This: Ohio State’s Band Paid Tribute To The Gettysburg Address

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Reminding us all that they're the best in the business, the Ohio State marching band honored the Gettysburg address this weekend.


BCS Rankings: Ohio State, Baylor In Close Fight For No. 3


Alabama, FSU stay the same at the top. Ohio State's still no. 3, but not by much.


Week 12 BCS Standings: Bama Stays On Top, Baylor’s The Odd Man Out

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Among Ohio State, Stanford and Baylor, someone was going to get screwed by the BCS.


Watch The Ohio State Marching Band Blow Our Minds Again

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Because of course we’d like to see a human formation of a T-Rex eating someone on a football field.


Watch The Ohio State Marching Band Pay Tribute To Michael Jackson

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<a href="">NPR Music</a> shared this video of a marching band with a note that said "Go to 3:58.

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