Did This Awkward Ohio State Fan Get Caught Cheating On Live Television?

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Caught red-handed on national TV doing something you're not supposed to be doing? Ouch.

College GameDay signs

‘Ohio State Smells Like Uranus': Your Roundup Of College GameDay Signs From Michigan State University

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Michigan State students absolutely killed it on College GameDay this morning in East Lansing, tackling everything from Urban Meyer, the SEC bias, and Papa Johns.

#Star Trek

Watch Ohio State Marching Band’s Tribute To Alien Invasions


The Ohio State Marching Band's new show 'They Came from Outer Space' features music from 'Star Trek,' 'Armageddon,' and 'Independence Day.'


The Michigan-Ohio State Rivalry Has Reached Insane Levels Of Dumb

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Their games may not matter much on the field, but off the field the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is as fierce as ever.

ohio state marching band

The Ohio State Marching Band’s Tribute To ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Was Simply Wonderful

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Here's a spectacular halftime performance from the Ohio State Marching Band honoring the 75th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz."

#Game of Thrones

The Ohio State Marching Band’s Tribute To Classic TV Made For A Spectacular Halftime Show

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Ohio State's marching band paid tribute to classic TV shows including The Simpsons, The Office, Game of Thrones, Batman, and more!

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Time To Panic Ohio State Fans: Braxton Miller Officially Out For the Season

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Braxton Miller is out for the year and Ohio State fans are on the ledge, about to jump off.

OSU strength and conditioning

Is The Ohio State Strength And Conditioning Coach Some Kind Of Magician?

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The OSU strength and conditioning coach is Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, basically.


Ohio State’s Amir Williams Comments On His Coach’s Dick-Riding. Sorry, ‘Back-Riding.’

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Amir Williams of the Ohio State basketball team attributes his success to Coach Matta being "on his dick." Well, in so many words.

ohio state marching band

The Ohio State Marching Band Won The Weekend With This Incredible T-Rex Formation

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The Ohio State marching band has already established itself as an UPROXX favorite and it really won our hearts over the weekend.


Michigan Coach Brady Hoke Invited 12-Year Old Grant Reed To The Ohio State Rival Game

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Earlier this month, we all got a little goose-bumpy over <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/07/a-12-year-old-ohio-state-fan-beat-cancer-which-he-called-michigan" target="_blank">the story of 12-year old Grant Reed</a>, who recently underwent his final chemotherapy treatment for brain cancer.


Ohio State President Gordon Gee Again Attempts Humor, Offends Someone

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For the sake of Ohioans everywhere, Ohio State president Gordon Gee needs to seriously shut the f*ck up.


Three Reasons Why Ohio University Football Should Not Be Ranked

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As I watch my alma mater, Ohio University, try to break into the college football rankings week after week this year, I feel that aggrieved pull of fandom for wanting them there.


Report: Urban Meyer Denies Having Bladder, Pisses All Over The Place

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Remember when we cared so much about the Ohio State White Elephant Gift Exchange Scandal that tattoo parlor operators were being sent to jail and players were getting suspended by the NFL for things they might've done in college.

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