Scott Brooks Says Russell Westbrook Isn’t Just A Freak, But ‘The Freakiest Of Freaks’

During a discussion with ESPN's Heather Cox in advance of Wednesday's nationally televised matchup between the Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers, Brooks went a step further than calling Westbrook just a "freak."

Steven Adams

Watch The Thunder’s Mitch McGary and Steven Adams Bust A Move At Practice

The Thunder are know for their complex pre-game handshake routine. Mitch McGary and Steve Adams prove that they got dance moves, as well.

#Kevin Durant

Hearsay: The Thunder Could Trade Kevin Durant Next Season, But It’s Extremely Unlikely


Kevin Durant has the option to become a free agent in summer 2016. Due to rules of the current CBA giving max-level players financial incentive to test the open market as opposed to signing extensions with incumbent teams, the reigning MVP will surely exercise it.


Russell Wilson Wants To Help Bring The Sonics Back to Seattle

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson Tweeted yesterday that he'll do whatever he can to help bring NBA basketball back to Seattle.


We’re Running Out Of Ways To Describe Russell Westbrook’s Greatness


Russell Westbrook's latest triple-double puts him in some elite, historic company.


Russell Westbrook On His Crunch-Time Airball Against Bulls: ‘I Should Have Passed It To Serge [Ibaka]’


Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook was his typically dominant self against the Chicago Bulls last night, tallying 43 points, eight boards, and seven dimes. But he slowed down in the fourth quarter following a brilliant third stanza, shooting 2-of-9 from the field and failing to notch an assist.

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Chicago’s E’Twaun Moore Spoils Another Big Night From Russell Westbrook With A Late Game-Winner

Russell Westbrook might be the MVP, but he still isn't the defender his unreal blend of physical gifts and maniacal intensity suggests. Case in point: E'Twaun Moore's game-winning jumper in the Chicago Bulls' 108-105 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder.


All Five Chicago Bulls Are Helpless To Stop Russell Westbrook In Transition

Westbrook catches the ball below the opponent's free throw line and several feet behind Pau Gasol. He's past the Spanish superstar after one dribble, and ready to attack Tony Snell and Kirk Hinrch on the opposite three-point line following one more bounce. Russ gets his shoulder past Snell's with an easy easy hesitation dribble, then uses one more before exploding so quickly that Nikola Mirotic and Mike Dunleavy can't get effective contests.


Bulls’ Mike Dunleavy Gets Hung On Rim Following Beautiful Bounce Pass From Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic made a beautiful leading bounce pass to a 6-9 Chicago Bulls teammate who was streaking ahead of the pack with no one between he and the basket. All Mike Dunleavy had to was finish a barely contested dunk attempt, and his team would inch closer to the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder.

Craig Sager

The NBA Family Welcomes Beloved Sideline Reporter Craig Sager Back To Action

Beloved TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager returned to action on Thursday 11 months after being diagnosed with leukemia.


Isiah Thomas In A Clear Plastic Mask On NBA TV Is Truly Frightening


Russell Westbrook scores a bunch of points in a mask and everyone starts wearing them, but the results are mixed.


Russell Westbrook In A Mask And Headband Is Even More Fun Than You Expected

Russell Westbrook is back on the floor tonight following surgery for a fractured cheek. And though the Oklahoma City Thunder MVP candidate isn't wearing a mask befitting a favorite hip-hop emcee or literary phantom, the one he's donning is still pretty awesome.


Masked Man: Russell Westbrook Will Return On Wednesday Following Surgery For Cheek Fracture

Russell Westbrook's oft maniacal on-court antics will be even more fun to watch going forward. Upon his return to the court Wednesday following surgery to repair a cheek fracture, the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar will wear a mask.

#Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Replies To ‘Westbrook Is Better’ Instagram Taunt By Calling Instigator A ‘D*ckhead’


Russell Westbrook is a leading MVP candidate, and Kevin Durant is the award's reigning recipient. It's the tandem's combined dominance that has made the Oklahoma City Thunder a legitimate championship contender for nearly five seasons running.


See Russell Westbrook’s DENTED FACE Suffered During Friday’s Monster Triple-Double Performance


Russell Westbrook had 40 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists in Friday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers, notching his third consecutive triple-double. But instead of celebrating the relentless MVP candidate's typically dominant performance, the Oklahoma City Thunder are reeling – not just due to a 115-112 loss, but the potential for injury to its only healthy superstar.


Russell Westbrook Has Surgery For Cheek Fracture; Will Be Re-Evaluated Next Week

The only thing that could possibly stop Russell Westbrook this season? Injuries. After the MVP candidate took a knee to the head late in last night's loss to the Portland Trail Blazers that left a noticeable dent in his face, the Oklahoma City Thunder announced that Westbrook underwent a procedure to fix a cheek fracture and will be sidelined indefinitely.


Russell Westbrook Admits ‘I Was Actually Shooting Too Much’ In OT Loss To The Suns

Russ not being Russ, when he admits he was "actually shooting to much," in an overtime loss to the Suns last night.

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