Russell Westbrook Brings The Wrath Of Achilles On This Steal And Breakaway Dunk

Even if the Thunder win tonight, they still might get knocked out the playoffs. That isn't stopping Russell Westbrook from running amok.


Russell Westbrook On Kobe Bryant: ‘That’s My Guy, That’s My Guy’

Not everyone thought Kobe Bryant's recent social media binge was as subtly self-serving as we did – including the player who prompted his rant.


Russell Westbrook Says ‘That’s Dirk’s Move’ After Draining One-Legged Fadeaway

The NBA's best signature moves are just that for a reason – they're almost impossible to replicate consistently. Steph Curry's fly-by three-pointer and LaMarcus Aldridge's right shoulder turnaround are difficult shots in a vacuum, but far more impressive considering the volume at which the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers stars take them.


Russell Westbrook Says ‘I Ain’t Gotta Root For Nobody’ When Asked About The Spurs


The Thunder need the Spurs to beat the Pelicans in Wednesday night's regular season finale. But Russ is not going to root for them.

#Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Evokes Michael Jordan In Twitter ‘Defense’ Of Russell Westbrook


Count the misses. Count the turnovers, count the arguments, count the negative headlines. Even count the losses. As long as the public counts Kobe Bryant's five championship rings, he doesn't care what else it does.


Kobe Bryant Posts Instagram Meme In Defense Of Russell Westbrook’s Gunning


Russell Westbrook "doesn't really give a damn" about what people think of him taking 43 shots in the Oklahoma City Thunder's loss to the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. Why? Perhaps because Kobe Bryant cares enough for him.

2015 NBA Playoffs

Almost Playoff Time: Bid And Seeding Scenarios For The Regular Season’s Finale

The doldrums of March and early April have passed, and the playoffs are merely five days away. Despite over five months and 80 games of competition, though, the field is far from set – and championship implications loom as a result of the regular season's last three days.


The NBA Voids Russell Westbrook’s Technical So He Can Play Tonight Against The Blazers


Russell Westbrook picked up his 16th technical foul last night, which is usually an automatic one-game suspension. The NBA voided the tech, though, the second time they've done so within the last seven games.


Russell Westbrook Doesn’t ‘Really Give A Damn’ What People Think About Him Taking 43 Shots


If you're among those who thinks Russell Westbrook takes too many shots, he has a message for you.

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Is This New Kevin Durant Video Corny Or Cool?

Native Oklahomans recite Kevin Durant's MVP speech. Is the commercial cool or just plain corny?


Gregg Popovich After Spurs Rout Injury-Depleted Thunder: ‘It’s Just Not A Fair Fight’

Before his team faced the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday night, Gregg Popovich said he was "proud" of how the San Antonio Spurs' injury-depleted counterparts have played during their seemingly lost season.


Anthony Davis Gives Huge Fist Pump Following Crunch-Time And-1 In Pelicans’ Crucial Win

This Anthony Davis and-1 didn't win the game for the New Orleans Pelicans. But if Monty Williams' team makes good on its current half game lead for eighth in the Western Conference and earns a playoff birth, this is the moment Pelicans fans will remember for years to come.


Kawhi Leonard Intimidates Kyle Singler Into A Steal And Streaking Jam

This play is barely notable at first glance. Kyle Singler simply bobbled the ball and allowed Kawhi Leonard an easy steal and dunk, right? Well, kind of. But context always matters, and in this case indicates just how intimidating the San Antonio Spurs' best player is while closing out to shooters.


Watch James Harden Score 8 Points In 70 Seconds To Best Westbrook’s Triple-Double

Russ had 40 points and another triple-double, but James Harden had 41 points and his team won, 115-112.

dallas mavericks

Accident? Shaun Livingston Hits Dirk Nowitzki Below The Belt

A first glance at the tape doesn't look good for Shaun Livingston.

#Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Is Sick Of Hearing Bill Simmons Discuss The James Harden Trade


The Houston Rockets are at Chesapeake Energy Arena to face the Oklahoma City Thunder today, affording Grantland's Bill Simmons an even bigger spotlight to further decry the James Harden trade. A deal that was made 30 months ago, involves multiple parties that have since moved on, and is far past the point of needing further scrutiny.

2015 NBA Playoffs

Playoff Pay-Dirt: Tracking The Topsy-Turvy Race For The 2014-15 NBA Postseason

The 2015 NBA Playoffs are almost here, and we've all the information you need to track who gets in and who is eliminated.


Nick Collison Aptly Sums Up Teammate Russell Westbrook: ‘His Give-A-F*ck level Is Very, Very High’


Russell Westbrook gets the profile treatment from Lee Jenkins, and teammate Nick Collison perfectly sums him up.

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