Enes Kanter

A Bitter Enes Kanter Says He ‘Never Liked Playing Basketball’ With Jazz

Marriages often end, but divorce doesn't always have to be contentious. Enes Kanter seems to believe otherwise.


Russell Westbrook’s Priceless Postgame Comments After Ejection

Call it schadenfreude because we've also been stuck on the receiving end of tired refrains from athletes in a post-game press conference, or when we deign to enter the fray of a locker room media scrum, but Russell Westbrook refused to talk about what got him tossed right before the half in last night's 137-134 OT Thunder win over the Suns.


Video: Thunder’s Andre Roberson Puts Anderson Varejao On A Poster

Andre Roberson hasn't lived up to offseason talk that he's a much-improved three-point shooter in the season's early going.


Own Kevin Durant’s Oklahoma City Home For Just $1.95 Million

Thunder superstar Kevin Durant is putting his home in the northwest Oklahoma City suburbs up for sale.


A Dog Is Auctioning Off Original Artwork To Raise Money For Oklahoma Tornado Relief

The owners of a dog named Arbor are auctioning original artwork off for Oklahoma tornado relief and it was painted by none other than dog herself.


Watch Incredible Footage Of The Oklahoma Tornado Going From 0 To 200 MPH In Seconds


See footage of the Oklahoma tornado form and devastate in seconds.


Today’s Oklahoma Tornadoes ‘3 Times Worse’ Than May 3, 1999

For perspective, KFOR's chief meteorologist Mike Morgan said that today's Oklahoma tornadoes were 'three times' as bad as those of May 3, 1999.


‘The Most Destructive Tornado In The History Of The World’


Oklahoma City and the suburb Moore have been hit by major tornadoes today as others still moving through cities.


The NBA’s Best And Worst At Getting The Most For Their Money

The Lakers only worry about being the best as measured by NBA titles, a metric that's about as black and white as they get.


The 10 Most Highly-Anticipated NBA Games Next Season

The start of the 2012-12 NBA season may feel like a long way off, but it'll get here sooner than you think.


Video: Russell Westbrook Dunks & Destroys Chicago’s Omer Asik

It's an unscientific formula, but here goes: Give Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook an open lane and space for a dribble and a couple of hops and someone's likely getting slammed on.

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