Oklahoma Is Attempting To Make It Illegal To Wear A Hooded Sweatshirt In Public

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This proposed amendment banning 'hoodies' could incur you a $500 fine for wearing a hooded sweatshirt in public.


Batman And Captain America Pistol-Whipped A Woman During An Attempted Robbery In Oklahoma City


The caped crusader, the man out of time, and a female accomplice pistol-whipped a woman at an Oklahoma City gas station before fleeing.


This 14-Year Old Robber Picked The Wrong Beer Delivery Guy To Screw With

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A trouble-making teen in Oklahoma tried to rob a convenience store and was met by a granny with a stun stick and a fearless delivery man.


A Man Claims Satan Made Him Crash His Car Into Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument

By | 17 Comments

A man allegedly crashed his car into Oklahoma's Ten Commandments monument and it might put the Satanic Temple's proposed statue at risk.


A Teen Has Confessed To Murdering His Family Over A Measly Inheritance

By | 7 Comments

Alan Hruby, 19, may face the death penalty after murdering his father, mother, and sister over a measly $3,000.

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Watch A Man Completely Flip Out When He Spots A Panhandler He’s Been Giving Money To Driving A New Car

By | 21 Comments

Daniel Ayala spots a 78-year-old panhandler he's been giving money to driving a new car, and lets her have it!


This Woman Wore A Colander On Her Head For Her Driver’s License Photo Because Of Religious Beliefs

By | 18 Comments

Your argument is invalid, because an Oklahoma woman wore a colander on her head for her driver's license photo.

#Dumb Criminals

Two Dumbasses Sprayed Deer Urine All Over An Oklahoma Walmart

By | 6 Comments

For reasons unknown, two dudes sprayed doe urine all over the merchandise of a Owasso Walmart.


Oklahoma Defensive Back Goes Mortal Kombat on WR With Brutal Fatality

By | 4 Comments

Here's a hit that will tickle your fancy from today's Tulsa-Oklahoma game.

No Pants Party

Meet The High School Teacher From Oklahoma That Showed Up Drunk And Pantsless On Her First Day

By | 17 Comments

This Oklahoma teacher decided to leave her brain at home when she got drunk on the first day of school and removed her pants in a classroom.


Oklahoma Offers Us The Dumbest, Most Hilariously Homophobic Meth Arrest Video Of The Year

By | 4 Comments

Two Oklahoma men were arrested for meth after a traffic stop, and they didn't realize that the dash cam recorded their stupid plan.


Don’t Miss The First Look At Oklahoma’s Delightful New Satan Sculpture

By | 32 Comments

The planned Satan statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol is now a reality and it is fantastic.


Yelp Users Are Expertly Pranking A Homophobic, Racist Restaurant Owner

By | 38 Comments

Gary James is a monster, so he deserves to be pranked. And then some.


Meet The Romantic Oklahoma Man Who Proposed To His Girlfriend While Under Arrest

By | 7 Comments

Justin Harrel refused to let a pesky set of handcuffs ruin his big moment.


Check Out This Tulsa Man’s Christmas Light Display Set To ‘The Fox’

By | 4 Comments

A man in Oklahoma has created a traffic jam on his block by setting his Christmas lights display to the Ylvis hit, "The Fox."


A Woman Caught A Man Masturbating In Walmart And Shamed Him On Video

By | 34 Comments

When nobody would help Beth Davis apprehend a man she caught masturbating in a Tulsa Walmart, she pointed her camera at him and made sure he was busted.


Local News Segment On Ghost Hunters Veers Cluelessly Into Video Game Trolling

By | 8 Comments

A local news station in Oklahoma conducted an interview with ghost hunters who are being trolled by a 'Portal' fan.


An Oklahoma Boy Wanted His Disabled Brother To Run A 5K With Him, So He Sought Help From Local News

By | 29 Comments

Oklahoma boy Tobias Bass reached out to his local news team to help find a jogger pusher so his big brother with cerebral palsy could run with him in a 5K.

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