Oklahoma Is Attempting To Make It Illegal To Wear A Hooded Sweatshirt In Public

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This proposed amendment banning 'hoodies' could incur you a $500 fine for wearing a hooded sweatshirt in public.


Batman And Captain America Pistol-Whipped A Woman During An Attempted Robbery In Oklahoma City


The caped crusader, the man out of time, and a female accomplice pistol-whipped a woman at an Oklahoma City gas station before fleeing.


This 14-Year Old Robber Picked The Wrong Beer Delivery Guy To Screw With

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A trouble-making teen in Oklahoma tried to rob a convenience store and was met by a granny with a stun stick and a fearless delivery man.


A Man Claims Satan Made Him Crash His Car Into Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments Monument

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A man allegedly crashed his car into Oklahoma's Ten Commandments monument and it might put the Satanic Temple's proposed statue at risk.


A Teen Has Confessed To Murdering His Family Over A Measly Inheritance

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Alan Hruby, 19, may face the death penalty after murdering his father, mother, and sister over a measly $3,000.

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Watch A Man Completely Flip Out When He Spots A Panhandler He’s Been Giving Money To Driving A New Car

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Daniel Ayala spots a 78-year-old panhandler he's been giving money to driving a new car, and lets her have it!


This Woman Wore A Colander On Her Head For Her Driver’s License Photo Because Of Religious Beliefs

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Your argument is invalid, because an Oklahoma woman wore a colander on her head for her driver's license photo.

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Two Dumbasses Sprayed Deer Urine All Over An Oklahoma Walmart

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For reasons unknown, two dudes sprayed doe urine all over the merchandise of a Owasso Walmart.


Oklahoma Defensive Back Goes Mortal Kombat on WR With Brutal Fatality

By | 4 Comments

Here's a hit that will tickle your fancy from today's Tulsa-Oklahoma game.

No Pants Party

Meet The High School Teacher From Oklahoma That Showed Up Drunk And Pantsless On Her First Day

By | 17 Comments

This Oklahoma teacher decided to leave her brain at home when she got drunk on the first day of school and removed her pants in a classroom.


Oklahoma Offers Us The Dumbest, Most Hilariously Homophobic Meth Arrest Video Of The Year

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Two Oklahoma men were arrested for meth after a traffic stop, and they didn't realize that the dash cam recorded their stupid plan.


Video: Doc Rivers Says Clippers “Got Robbed” By Refs In Game 5


It might have been the craziest finish of the playoffs so far, which is saying something after the first round.


Don’t Miss The First Look At Oklahoma’s Delightful New Satan Sculpture

By | 32 Comments

The planned Satan statue at the Oklahoma State Capitol is now a reality and it is fantastic.


Yelp Users Are Expertly Pranking A Homophobic, Racist Restaurant Owner

By | 38 Comments

Gary James is a monster, so he deserves to be pranked. And then some.


Meet The Romantic Oklahoma Man Who Proposed To His Girlfriend While Under Arrest

By | 7 Comments

Justin Harrel refused to let a pesky set of handcuffs ruin his big moment.


Check Out This Tulsa Man’s Christmas Light Display Set To ‘The Fox’

By | 4 Comments

A man in Oklahoma has created a traffic jam on his block by setting his Christmas lights display to the Ylvis hit, "The Fox."


A Woman Caught A Man Masturbating In Walmart And Shamed Him On Video

By | 34 Comments

When nobody would help Beth Davis apprehend a man she caught masturbating in a Tulsa Walmart, she pointed her camera at him and made sure he was busted.


Local News Segment On Ghost Hunters Veers Cluelessly Into Video Game Trolling

By | 8 Comments

A local news station in Oklahoma conducted an interview with ghost hunters who are being trolled by a 'Portal' fan.

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