Got $150? This 76-Year-Old Texas Woman Is Selling A ‘Haunted’ Sword On Craigslist.

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An investigation: is this Craigslist ad on the up and up or is it the work of yet another internet prankster?

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You’ve Never Been As Happy As These Old Ladies During Their First Airplane Flight


Watching adorable old ladies in an airplane for the first time is an absolute delight.


Grandmas watch Kim Kardashian's sex tape. "Two hands with space in the middle."

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I realize FilmDrunk is ostensibly a movie-humor site, but I've long considered adult films as a subdivision of films as a whole, and thus part of my mandate.

old ladies

100 Year-Old Lady Reveals Fountain Of Youth: Nintendo DS


Looking for a gift to get your dear old granny.

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Old Lady Who Lost Her House In Alabama Tornado Reunited With Her Missing Cat

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With all of this talk about the end of the world floating around out there, you're probably looking for something, preferably something involving cats, to warm your heart, aren't you Internet.



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I was just about to break for lunch when FilmDrunkard Jessica sent me the above clip, which prominently features Angela Lansbury's camel toe, as if I needed help building up an appetite.

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