Your Super Bowl Movie Spot Round Up

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Even if you're a sport-hating commie, you could probably still tell the Super Bowl happened last night, if only by all the hungover people and clogged toilets.


Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Super Bowl Commercial


Will Ferrell shot this low-budget Old Milwaukee commercial for the Super Bowl, then they only aired it in the three smallest TV markets in the country.


Will Ferrell Mysteriously Shilled for Old Swill During Last Night’s Super Bowl

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By now, you've probably seen and heard enough about most of last night's Super Bowl commercials (maybe you've even seen this ranking of the top 10 commercials) that another Super Bowl commercial post is the last thing your hangover needs this morning.


Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Ads Are Wonderful


Imagine you're a company that peddles really crappy beer.


Will Ferrell Mysteriously Shills for Swill

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For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Will Ferrell approached the the Pabst Brewing Company last September and asked if he could make a series of commercials for their Old Milwaukee beer.

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