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Watch These Teens Struggle With ‘Mega Man’ And The Concept Of A Challenging Game

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The 'Teens React' series recruited a handful of kids to play Mega Man and the results were predictably bad and a little enlightening.


Will We Ever See Another Will Ferrell Sequel? An Investigation.

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The future doesn't look bright for 'Elf 2.' Or any Will Ferrell movie sequel, really.


The ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ Supercut Will Leave You In Absolute Disbelief

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The latest Screen Junkies supercut takes on the very commonly used phrase: 'Are you kidding me?'


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw Old School 1/6/14: Solid Snake

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 6, 2014. This one's an 'old school' Raw featuring a CM Punk vs. Roman Reigns main-event and wait, Jake The Snake?


WWE Raw Old School Open Discussion Thread 1/6/14

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Your official open discussion thread for WWE Raw Old School, January 6, 2014.


‘This Is Awful': Conan O’Brien Reviews Classic Atari 2600 Games For Clueless Gamer (VIDEO)

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Conan O’Brien returns for another Clueless Gamer segment on 'Conan', mockingly reviewing several Atari 2600 games.


The original Superbad table read, old school camera phone, morning links


This video had 300,000 views, so I'm going to assume lots of you have already seen it, but I hadn't, so deal with it.


Will Ferrell: From SNL to the Internet And Beyond

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Few actors have had the commercial success of Will Ferrell.


DJ Clue – Springtime Stickup (1996)

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I told Legend that I was gonna keep breaking these out as fast as I could over the next few days & weeks.

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