Don’t Fall Asleep In An Uber Or You Could End Up With A $900 Tab Like This Guy

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This is a good reminder that getting drunk on New Year's Eve and going places by yourself is a bad idea.


Watch This Ole Miss Fan Completely Lose Her Mind After A 91-Yard Touchdown

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Here's a woman who couldn't believe an Ole Miss touchdown.


Ole Miss Lost To Auburn On Perhaps The Most Heartbreaking Play Of 2014

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Laquon Treadwell Is The Most Heartbreaking Sports Moment Of 2014

Angry fan video

Les Miles Has Relationship Advice For That Ole Miss Fan Who Melted Down After The Loss To LSU

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When Les Miles has something to say, you stop what you're doing and you listen. The man is a national treasure.

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Please Enjoy This Spectacular Meltdown By An Ole Miss Fan

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This poor LSU fan has to deal with his girlfriend, a really angry Ole Miss supporter.

ESPN College GameDay

Characters From ‘The Waterboy’ We Would Love To See As LSU’s ‘College Gameday’ Picker


ESPN's looking for a celebrity picker for College GameDay in Baton Rouge for LSU-Ole Miss. Here are some suggestions from "The Waterboy."

Roll Damn Tide

Roll Damn Tide! Ole Miss Fan Gets Stiff Armed By Police After Getting In Nick Saban’s Face.

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This poor Ole Miss student got stiff-armed to death by Nick Saban's personal police force.

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Alabama’s Dynasty Is Not Done, According To Paul Finebaum’s Angriest Caller

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Phyllis from Mulga is back to rage on Colin Cowherd and Paul Finebaum again, following the Crimson Tide's loss to Ole Miss.


Here’s Katy Perry Drinking With Ole Miss Students And Jumping Off Tables Like A Crazy Coed

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Katy Perry is having the time of her life at Ole Miss, partying it up with students at a bar.


What College Football Games Should You Watch This Weekend?

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Featuring a bevy of hot and steamy ranked-on-ranked match-ups


Marshall Henderson Just Took All Of Our Hater Asses To Psychology School

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After he Tweeted a hateful and hypocritical remark about Michael Sam, Marshall Henderson claims it was just part of a psychology project.


Ole Miss Guard Marshall Henderson Is Sickened By Michael Sam, Hashtags About It

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Michael Sam was drafted by the Rams and kissed his boyfriend. Some people have a problem with that, and aren't afraid to hashtag it.


Allow Drunk Ole Miss Girl To Tell You Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ole Miss

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A reporter asked a drunk girl from Ole Miss to explain the school's motto, name their best-ever quarterback and share her feelings on life. Solid gold.


Fins Up: Marshall Henderson Highlights (Featuring Marshall Mathers)


Love him or hate him, Ole Miss junior guard Marshall Henderson is easily one of the most entertaining players in all of basketball, on any level.

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