Macho Man Randy Savage’s Family Celebrated His Life At Olive Garden

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s <a href="" target="_blank">award-winning Watch This piece</a> – it took home “Best Tasting Bacon Dish” at Paula Deen’s family picnic – Macho Man Randy Savage, or Randy Poffo as his family knew him, passed away two years ago after he suffered a heart attack while driving with his wife in Tampa, Florida.

when you're here you're family

This Is What A Terrible Date At The Olive Garden Looks Like

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You know it's a bad date when an Olive Garden menu fort is needed to shield oneself from the person sitting across from you. We've all been there, no?

olive garden

Elderly Viral Phenom Completely Flummoxed By Her Sudden Internet Fame

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I have to start off by saying that <a href="">the Marilyn Hagerty phenom</a> is arguably my favorite thing to happen on the internet so far in 2012.


FYI, The Food Scene Is Grand Forks, North Dakota Is Thriving

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The following is an excerpt from an actual restaurant review in an actual newspaper, <a href="">the Grand Forks Herald</a>.


Wingnuts Attack Olive Garden & Red Lobster On Facebook For 86ing French Fries From Kid’s Menus

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For as long as there have been first ladies in the United States, <a href="">first ladies have had pet projects</a> they devote their time and energy to.


And Another Baby Got Drunk At A Restaurant

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<a href=""> Another day, another baby hittin' the bottle early in life. Breath easy as it's not <a href="">Detroit or Applebee's</a> again.

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