Watch The ‘EPIC’ New Trailer For The Fifth Season Of ‘Portlandia’

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'Portlandia' has a premiere date for its fifth season, as well as a new trailer packed with famous celebrity faces.

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So Olivia Wilde Did The Ice Bucket Challenge With Milk…From Her Breasts

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Olivia Wilde and her breasts did the Ice Bucket Challenge. And there was milk. And I have no idea what charity this is going for, but good job.


The Trailer For ‘The Longest Week’ Makes Me Hate Rich People Even More

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'The Longest Week' stars Jason Bateman as a rich guy who has to move in with his rich friends and then dates Olivia Wilde. Geez, life is hard.


Olivia Wilde Debates Getting Naked For The Audience On ‘The Late Show’

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Olivia Wilde and David Letterman have a serious talk about nudity on the screen...then things got hot.


Paul Rudd And Hollywood’s Biggest Baseball Fans Continue To Torment Gene Lamont


Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle and Jason Sudeikis have kept their strange obsession with Gene Lamont alive for this year's Big Slick charity event.


What’s On Tonight: Billy Eichner And Olivia Wilde Play ‘John Mayer Or Pepe Le Pew’

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including Olivia Wilde, sharks, and Michelle Obama.


We Get It, Jason Sudeikis, You’re The Luckiest NBA Fan In The Entire World


Jason Sudeikis sat courtside for both the Lakers and Clippers this week, because it's not enough that he's marrying Olivia Wilde.


Sam Rockwell Does The Splits And Parties With Olivia Wilde In ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’

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Sam Rockwell takes drugs, does the splits, and bangs Olivia Wilde in the trailer for 'Better Living Through Chemistry.'


The Singularity Is Hilarious: Some Words About ‘Her’

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If you watch "Her" looking for some pat "message" like some Freudian Armond White acolyte, you're missing out on the fun.


New Trailer Alert: Joaquin Phoenix Wants to Screw His ‘Puter in ‘Her’

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Check it out, guys, it's the latest trailer for Spike Jonze's new movie, Her, featuring the song "Supersymmetry," by Arcade Fire. Quick, make a note of this moment, I'll never be this cool again.


Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Have Made The World's Most Charming Fetus

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Bad news, normal guys who like to pretend that they’ll ever have a chance to meet attractive actresses and woo them away from their equally famous boyfriends, fiancées or husbands – prying Olivia Wilde away from Jason Sudeikis just got a wee bit harder, as the couple is expecting a child.


Did Mila Kunis Upstage Her ‘Third Person’ Co-Star Olivia Wilde At The Film’s Premiere?

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While perusing some scientific and medical research journals for my neverending quest for education and all-knowing perfection, I happened <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2416526/Mila-Kunis-upstages-Olivia-Wilde-Third-Person-premiere-Toronto-film-festival.html" target="_blank">upon a Daily Mail article</a> that made a very bold and fascinating statement: “Red carpet rivalry.


The Best Of Olivia Wilde's Reddit AMA

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The best questions and answers from Olivia Wilde's Reddit AMA session.


REVIEW: ‘Drinking Buddies’

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[Drinking Buddies begins its<a href="http://www.magpictures.com/dates.aspx?id=0786dd49-0263-4bbe-8a30-ae8340fef840" target="_blank"> limited theatrical release</a> in New York and Chicago today.

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Olivia Wilde Had The Chance To Kill David Blaine And Didn’t Do It

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The actress had a rare chance to forcibly drown magician David Blaine. She sadly chose not to.

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The With Leather Fantasy Football Draft Guide: How To Pick The QB Of Your Dreams

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Welcome, ladies and mostly gentlemen, to the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/burnsys-bad-advice" target="_blank">67th annual installment of the With Leather Guide To Not Looking Like A Total Moron When Drafting Your Fantasy Football Team</a>, in which I offer you totally unqualified advice on how to draft your fantasy team and which players you should pick this season.


Olivia Wilde Has Advice For Women Turning 30

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Olivia Wilde doesn’t turn 30 until March 10, 2014, but as long as she has a movie to promote – Drinking Buddies, of which you can <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2013/07/vod-review-drinking-buddies" target="_blank">read Vince’s review here</a> – she was more than happy to <a href="http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/2013/08/olivia-wilde-s-advice-for-turning-30" target="_blank">write a guest column for Glamour</a> about the anxiety that some women can feel as they approach that milestone birthday.


Here Are Some ESPY Awards Presented In A Ceremony Not Aired On TV Last Night

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In case you were just content with taking a night off from sports last night (or you didn’t want to see an already meaningless awards show become much more meaningless with the addition of Skip Bayless and Stephen A.

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