Omar Little Makes The Most Effective Pro-Marriage Equality Argument Yet

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Does Omar Little think homosexuals should be able to get married? Oh, indeed.

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Listen To The Awesome Mixtape Michael K. Williams Made To Get In Character As Omar


Listen to the mix that actor Michael K. Williams made for himself to get in character as Omar Little from "The Wire."

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The Secret To Michael K. Williams’ Brilliant Performance On ‘The Wire': Cocaine Binges?

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Michael K. Williams double life as a cocaine abuser and actor, during his time playing Omar Litlte on 'The Wire.'


The Best Of #Omar Little

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Today we present the best Omar Little-related everything that Tumblr has to offer.

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Everyone Stop What You’re Doing: Omar Little Might Be Robocop’s Sidekick

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EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Michael K. Williams (Omar from 'The Wire') is in talks to appears as Robocop's sidekick in a reboot of the action classic.


Tupac Shakur Discovered Omar Little

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As I have made abundantly clear in the past, anytime there is a news story that involves Omar Little and a deceased rapper from the late '90s, I am going to cover it like it is a matter of national security.

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Obama Does Bill Simmons' Podcast, Claims He Had A Podcast Before Podcasting Was Cool


Grantland unleashed a bit of a surprise on the world this morning when it released a podcast interview President Obama did yesterday with Bill Simmons in the White House (listen to it here).


Who Will Replace Gus Fring in the Final Season of 'Breaking Bad'?

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(Spoilers Ahead) In an interview with TVLine over the weekend, Vince Gilligan hinted at the direction his show, "Breaking Bad," would take in its fifth and final season (the 16 episodes, however, may be broken up into two installments).


Every TV Show Has an Omar Little

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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Daniel Carlson, thought it'd be fun to juxtapose quotes from "The Wire" with images from "Downton Abbey.


Shame On Blue Omar: A Blisteringly NSFW Mashup of Wu-Tang Clan, Fugazi, and The Wire


Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy of Minneapolis mashed together the lyrical genius of Wu-Tang Clan with the post-hardcore punk of Fugazi to make "Wugazi".

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