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Kidz In The Hall – Semester Abroad Mixtape

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<a href=""> Inspired by their "Brain Candy" series and most likely plenty of wild, drunken nights, Naledge and Double O have embarked on another international adventure in between projects. Semester Abroad highlights the Kidz' fantastic G.P.A. over the past few months and few of the classmates (Curren$y, Smoke DZA, tabi Bonney, The Kid Daytona, etc.) helping them cheat through language arts class. When in Rome... Be sure to tune into <a href="">their official YouTube channel</a> for the past Brain Candy installments.


T-Pain – prEVOLVEr The Mixtape

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<a href=""> The other day I had an interesting conversation that sort of "revolved" around <a href="">T-Pain</a> being a has-been and serving no relevance what so ever.

Tha Bizness

“This Goes Out To All The Struggling Strippers…”

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<a href=""> Being a stripper, in some weird parallel universe sense, is somewhat like being the President of the United States. For as many people who attend the "public appearances" of both, the negative stigma remains. The stripper's propensity to remove articles of clothing for those in attendance in return for financial progress. And the President's already determined logic of "telling the public what they want to hear." If there is one person who has always understood and accepted the plight of exotic dancers, <a href="">T-Pain</a> is that man.


Shawnna Feat. Twista – “Hide And Seek”

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<a href="">Shawnna</a> kick hot ish for b*tches that got they baby daddies locked in the pen and the slow jam hour for the radio, apparently.


“The R&B Game’s Porn Star…”

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Coasting on the fruits of feature money, <a href="">T-Private Plane</a> attempts to bring the pain <a href="">once again</a> with "Money Long," an Auto-Tune-less barrage of 100,000 Grand bars toward the feeble rappers he feels continue to bite his now-generic gimmick.



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American Idol judge Simon Cowell, aka Bitchtits McFlattop, is producing One Chance, a movie about Paul Potts that recently got the greenlight at Paramount.

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