Guess Who’s Been Kicking It With One Direction Lately?

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Danny DeVito will be starring in One Direction's new music video.

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BBC Music Pulled Off The Most Ridiculous, Star-Studded Cover Of ‘God Only Knows’

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For the launch of BBC Music and in support of Children in Need, 27 music stars headlined an amazing cover of 'God Only Knows.'

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‘The Daily Show’ Is Finding Out The Hard Way That One Direction Fans Don’t Have A Great Sense Of Humor

By | 34 Comments

Last night Jessica Williams made an innocuous One Direction joke on 'The Daily Show' and One Direction fans aren't taking it so great.


This Girl’s One Direction Fan Fiction Earned Her Six Figures And Probably A Movie Deal

By | 8 Comments

One Direction fan fiction author Anna Todd found incredible success on Wattpad and that led to a book deal and maybe even a film.


Walmart Needs To Give This DVD Bundling Anti-Belieber A Raise

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"Whoever bundles the movies at Walmart has a good sense of humor," says the eagle-eyed so-and-so who uploaded this funny picture.

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This Dad Threatened To Blow Up A One Direction Concert, But For A Really Sweet Reason

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Father of the year threatens to bomb a One Direction concert for his daughters.

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Kristen Wiig Made Her New ‘Tonight Show’ Debut As Harry Styles And Sang One Direction With Jimmy Fallon

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The karaoke duet to "ou Don't Know Your Beautiful" to close the interview that really brings the whole thing home.


Mark Wahlberg Informs Conan Of His Plans To Beat The Crap Out Of One Direction

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Mark Wahlberg appeared on 'Conan' to promote 'Lone Survivor' and lay down a threat against the members of One Direction.

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One Direction is Now a Metal Band (Morning Links)


One Direction gets a heavy metal cover, and morning links.


‘SNL’ Recap: Paul Rudd Danced, But Didn’t Dance Enough

By | 55 Comments

A recap of last night's "SNL" with Paul Rudd, One Direction, and some "Afternoon Delight."


Watch The ‘Anchorman 2′ Cast And One Direction Have Some ‘Afternoon Delight’ On ‘SNL’

By | 4 Comments

How the cast of "Anchorman 2" and One Direction became Nine Direction.


Watch Paul Rudd Go Total Fangirl Over One Direction In This Week’s Wonderful ‘SNL’ Promos

By | 3 Comments

No one is more excited than host Paul Rudd about One Direction appearing as the musical guest on this week's SNL.


The Deleted Scenes From The ‘Parks And Recreation’ Halloween Episode Are Great

By | 3 Comments

This extra footage from the Parks and Recreation Halloween episode reveals what Larry dressed as and why he chose that costume.

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This Pissed Off Mom Is Selling Her ‘Lippy’ Daughter’s One Direction Tickets On eBay

By | 15 Comments

To prove a point, one hero of a mom sold her daughter's tickets to see One Direction on eBay.


Did A Teen Girl Break Her Dog’s Neck Because One Direction Wouldn’t Follow Her On Twitter?

By | 20 Comments

One Direction fans are the most mentally unstable people in the world. Here's proof.

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The New Most-Popular VEVO Video Ever Involves Miley Cyrus, Wrecking Balls And Confusing Nudity

By | 4 Comments

A whole lot of people watched Miley Cyrus ride a wrecking ball in the nude yesterday.


One Of The Guys From One Direction Got Decked At A Soccer Match

By | 6 Comments

Louis Tomilson of One Direction was on the wrong end of a particularly nasty tackle during a friendly soccer match. He had to leave the field, where he promptly barfed.

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