Conservative Moms Are Fuming About This Pop Tarts Commercial ‘Double Entendre’

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One Million Moms have a SERIOUS BEEF with the language in this Pop Tarts commercial.


One Million Moms Is Protesting The Creepy GEICO Pig Commercial Because It ‘Promotes Bestiality’

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One Million Moms is protesting the commercial where a girl tries to woo the GEICO pig, because they say the ad "promotes bestiality." This is ridiculous.


One Million Moms Does Something Right For Once, Is Protesting That Skittles Bestiality Commercial

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Hate group One Million Moms is protesting a Skittles ad that features a woman making out with a walrus because it promotes "bestiality."

one million moms

Ellen-Hatin' Moms Now After Archie


We rarely talk about Archie Comics around here, because, really, there's not much to talk about, aside from "Life with Archie", which is actually well-written and worth seeking out if you're into "slice of life" comics, and Kevin Keller, the incredibly bland gay guy who brings out Reggie's bisexual tendencies.

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