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So There’s A Tinder For Elitists Now, And It Just Raised $2.1 Million In Funding

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It's called 'The League,' and it wants to ensure that successful people breed with other successful people only.

online dating

Here’s The New ‘Non-Creepy’ Dating Site That Essentially Turns Female Friends Into Pimps

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'Jess, Meet Ken' lets women set their guy friends up with eligible ladies. It also sounds like a prostitution ring in the making.


Would You Swipe Right For This Girl And Her Wonderful Tinder Tagline?

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Heather, 20, could be the best thing that's ever happened to you. Or the worst.

online dating

They Met Online, Broke Up, And Then She Got Stuck In His Chimney

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Firefighters rescue a woman who got stuck in the chimney of a man that she went out with six times after meeting him online.

#PRO WRESTLING Is Like eHarmony For Lonely Wrestling Fans And Hey, Stop Laughing

By | 41 Comments hopes to be the #1 online destination for pro wrestling fans looking for a relationship. No, really.


Frotcast 221: We Rate D*ck Pics Men Have Sent Alison Stevenson

By | 34 Comments

Alison Stevenson joins the FilmDrunk frotcast as we rate her creepiest online dating messages and best dick pics.


One Brave Genius Used Jaden Smith’s Dumbest Tweets As Icebreakers On Tinder

By | 17 Comments

One genius used some of Jaden Smith's dumbest tweets as opening lines on Tinder... and it actually worked pretty well.


British Bro Who Lives With His Mom Claims To Have Bedded 200 Women Through Twitter

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The British guy claims to have bedded 200 women in a year because of Twitter. Cool story, Chap.


You Can Pay OKCupid Five Bucks To Filter Out The Fat And Ugly People

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OKCupid has decided it likes the shallow. Or rather, it likes the money of the shallow.


This Kid Wants To Go To Prom With Gabby Douglas, Needs To Chill Out A Little

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Lost in the shuffle of producing what is already being called the greatest list of 2012 sports moments that will ever be written, according to this guy and these guys, was the phenomenal, inspirational tale of Gabby Douglas, who actually almost quit her dream of being an Olympic gymnast, because she couldn’t stand being away from her family.


Cowboys.Com Now A Gay Dating Site, Still More About Football Than Browns.Com

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The Dallas Cowboys have mastered The Internet, but not in the way they'd intended.

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The History And The Science Of Online Dating


This week's New Yorker contains a massive piece (Like there's such a thing as a non-massive New Yorker piece.

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Dating Website For ‘Beautiful Men And Women’ Purges 30,000 Uglies


Is there anything worse than when ugly people breathe the same rarefied air as the beautiful people.

online dating

Is The Party Over for Perverts?


One of these days, they're going to find a dead hooker in Chris Hansen's trunk.

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