The Internet Is Providing A Second Miracle For A British Skydiver Who Survived A 12,000-Foot Fall

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Friends, family and complete strangers have donated more than $49,000 to 31-year old skydiver Ben Cornick after he fell 12,000 feet and lived.


Woman Tried To Evict Her Father From The Home He Built, So The Internet Raised $138,000

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As his own daughter is trying to evict him from the home that he built, WWII vet John Potter couldn't believe strangers would donate $138,000 to him.

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Online Fundraiser For Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Jeffrey Bauman Exceeds $330,000

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As law enforcement officials and media outlets are still trying to determine the facts surrounding Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, it is believed that three people are dead and at least 170 people have been injured.

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