This Is What It Looks Like When A Guy Gets Drunk Before Setting Up A Soccer Field


A groundskeeper got a little tipsy before a recent soccer match in Romania, and the field's lines certainly showed it.


‘Snowpiercer’ Won’t Be Cut, But At A Terrible Price

By | 19 Comments

'Snowpiercer' will not be dumbed down for us rubes, but that doesn't matter as the Weinstein Company has guaranteed you won't see it.


OfficeMax Is Your Early Leader For The Most Insanely Terrible Mailing Mistake Of 2014

By | 17 Comments

A Chicago couple still mourning the loss of their daughter received a very poor reminder of her passing on a mailer from OfficeMax.


A Naked Australian Man Got Stuck In A Washing Machine During A Dumb Prank


While getting ready for a shower, a naked Australian man decided to play a prank and ended up stuck in his washing machine.


A Woman Walked Right Off Of A Pier Because She Was Engrossed In Facebook On Her Phone

By | 11 Comments

Facebook nearly killed a person too distracted to notice they were walking off a pier.


A Scottish Man’s Car Caught Fire During A Tribute To Paul Walker

By | 6 Comments

In possibly the worst Paul Walker tribute imaginable, a Scottish fan of the actor revved his engine for 20 minutes until it burst into flames.


Twitter Totally Britta’d Its Block Feature, At Least For Short Time

By | 4 Comments

Twitter's block feature is now a mess, in service to improving Twitter's already shoddy metrics.


A Florida Theater Accidentally Showed A ‘Graphic Sex Scene’ Instead Of ‘Frozen’

By | 54 Comments

Parents who took their kids to see 'Frozen' at a Florida movie theater received a nasty surprise when a graphic sex scene started playing instead.


Rocky, The Denver Nuggets New Mascot, Had A Pretty Rough Debut

By | 6 Comments

The Denver Nuggets mascot, Rocky, passed out while being lowered from the rafters at the team's home opener.


A Michigan Man Whose House Was To Be Demolished Gave His Neighbor’s Address Instead

By | 5 Comments

A man in Michigan whose house was set to be demolished is in hot water after he gave his neighbor's address and the wrong house was knocked down.


Study: 3D Printing In Your House Is As Unhealthy As Smoking, Is Terrible For Your Lungs, Heart & Brain

By | 4 Comments

3D printing might be killing you. Gee, melting plastic in your house is dangerous?


PayPal Accidentally Credited A Man $92 Quadrillion

By | 5 Comments

A Pennsylvania man received a heck of a surprise when his PayPal balance revealed that he had a credit of $92 quadrillion dollars in his account.


So Florida May Have Accidentally Banned Computers And Smartphones

By | 7 Comments

Florida, in its haste to keep people from gambling on the Internet, may have been a wee bit overzealous.


Microsoft Employee Accidentally Confirms Always-On Next Xbox

By | 69 Comments

Don't have Internet connected to your console? Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft, suggests that you just deal with it.

thanksgiving day parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Confetti Actually Shredded Police Documents


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a lot more lively now that we know it's basically 'Hackers.'


Google People Erases December From Human History


Google People hates the holidays. Come to think of it, it can be hard to blame it.


Fox News Apologizes For Airing A Suicide Live On The Air

By | 13 Comments

Whoever was in charge of the 5-second delay is surely getting flogged with wet bamboo by Shep Smith at this very moment.


Sports Anchor Curses on Live TV


KTLA 5 sports anchor Rebecca Hall is so excited that Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully is returning for another season that she fails to censor herself.

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