Open Thread: LA Clippers Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

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Join us for tonight's big NBA game at 8 pm EST.

what do you think?

Should Video Games Have Stories?

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Recently, David Jaffe, the man behind the "God of War" games and "Twisted Metal", weighed in on telling stories in video games: namely, <a href="">he's against it</a>.


UPROXX 2012 Grammy Awards Open Thread

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<a href=""> Awards shows are barely about the awards anymore. The game has changed. It's not that awards shows are fixed, it's that they barely reflect what we watch or listen to anymore. But the one thing they are great for is bringing four time zones together in a moment of true unity where we can mock, shred, belittle, and -- on rare occasions -- celebrate the winners, the injustices, and the crimes against good taste. Our brethren over at Uproxx will be <a href="">hosting an open thread over at the mothership</a> this Sunday night during the Grammy telecast.

#The Walking Dead

Walking Dead: “Chupacabra” Open Thread

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"The Walking Dead" hit last night and finally started paying off the last few episodes.


Open Thread: Lakers Vs. Magic, Game 5

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Join as we watch would could potentially be the last NBA game of the season.


Open Thread: NBA 2009 Finals, Game 1

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It's now okay to don your jerseys, authentics only please.

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