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Don't Worry, This Amazing T-Rex Paper Illusion Is Not Judging You While You Masturbate

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This T-Rex paper illusion would be well worth the time, effort and paper cuts of printing, constructing and video taping all the magic you've created.

optical illusions

Here’s A ‘Star Wars’ Sculpture Made Entirely With Shadow And Light


Here's a tribute to 'Star Wars' made entirely with light and shadow.


Watch A Photographer Trick You Into Thinking That One Image Is Actually Four


The cover photo for VLP's album Terrain only seems mundane and cluttered at first. It's really a stunning optical illusion.


24Hz Sound Wave + Video + Water = Insane Optical Illusion

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Brusspup strikes again with an amazing optical illusion.


A Kitten Sees An Optical Illusion, Has Its Adorable Little Mind Blown


Rasmus Baath just made our morning by showing his kitten an optical illusion and posting a video of the ginger moggy's confused reaction.

fluid knots

Science Can Now Make Knots Out Of Fluids

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Yes, as in water. Science can make a knot out of that. Or at least they've laid the theoretical groundwork to do so.

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