Here’s An Emotional Breakdown Of Oregon Ducks Fans Today Presented By Ralph Wiggum

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Chances are you’ve probably already been buried by the news and Tweets that Chip Kelly is leaving the Oregon Ducks, despite previous claims that he would be staying with the program.


The Oregon Duck Loses its Head


The University of Oregon's mascot tried to go skydiving.


In The Name Of Everything Holy, What Uniform Hell Hath We Wrought?

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Between Nike’s Employee of the Year Lebron James fawning over Oregon’s admittedly awesome uniforms and me declaring that the Seattle Seahawks uniforms don’t look that bad (our opinions are equal, naturally), it was really only a matter of time before a team somewhere at some level tried to emulate this new era of uni-swag and fail miserably.


With Leather’s Watch This: Football, Football, Volleyball Butts, And NFL Football

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We’ve got a big weekend ahead of us, boys and one girl who reads this site, and while I unfortunately can’t highlight everything, I can help you pick out what will be worth your while.


Baserunning: You're Doing It Wrong

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Tennessee baserunner Lauren Gibson does her best "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH" impression against Oregon.

PAC 12

O-Face Now Penal Violation

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The modus operandi for people running football in 2011 has been to unnecessarily micro-manage it from the minutia up, so it should come as little-to-no surprise that a new guy brought in to be the officiating consultant of the Pac-12 is the stuffed-shirt dean from any number of teen sex comedies and wants to make sure nobody has a good time at the football games.


What Is ‘Awesome?’

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Listening to Alex Trebek's words wash over a college football game just feels magical.


Does Michael Dyer Look Down To You?

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One controversial play came out of Auburn's BCS championship win over Oregon last night, and it was that fourth quarter run from Auburn running back Stephen Dyer.


Will We See Another Shootout In The Desert?

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Oklahoma and Connecticut combined for 68 points in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day.

University Of Oregon

Oregon Football’s A National Power, Thanks To Phil Knight

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SI: "It's Phil Knight's money hose, and Oregon has to let him control the spigot.


Oregon Fan Wants to Wifey Up

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When Auburn and Oregon meet for the BCS National Championship game Monday night, there will be more on the line than just college football's ultimate prize.


Hoo Boy, Oregon…

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The Oregon Ducks are planning to wear special uniforms for their national championship tilt against Auburn.


Oregon Is Good At Football

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The Oregon Ducks played UCLA last night and for some reason this was being trumped up as a rite of passage for Oregon to be crowned No.


BSU Not No. 1 Despite Awesome Dog

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When the University of Florida and Ohio State (sorry Punte) sucked ballhole on Saturday, college football pundits predicted that the BCS rankings would debut with Boise State atop the rankings.


Jeremiah Masoli To Ole Miss? As A Walk-On? That’s A Steal

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Former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli has found a new home, thanks to (a) some Southern hospitality and (b) the fact that Ole Miss and head coach Houston Nutt didn't have a quarterback.


Masoli Robs Frats, Smokes Weed, Leaves Oregon

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Only a couple months removed from a fraternity robbing which earned him a season long suspension, Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli has been removed from the pride of Eugene's football team.

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