Meet The Man Who Has Been Suffering From One Hundred Orgasms A Day For Years

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A Wisconsin man's life is practically ruined due to the fact that he can't control his constant ejaculating.


Celebrate National Orgasm Day With The Best And Worst Of Hollywood’s O-Faces

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Some actors know their way around a great orgasm performance, while others are terrible. We honor them both on National Orgasm Day.


Meet The Woman Who Has 50 Orgasms A Day But Is Not Allowed To Have Sex

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Amanda Gryce has dozens of orgasms every day, but can't have sex. It's like an episode of "The Twilight Zone."


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Two Types Of Female Orgasm

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A scientific study seeks to solve the mystery of how many types of female orgasms there are. They still can't tell you how to find them, though.


‘Vagina Weightlifting’ Is A Thing Because Why Wouldn’t It Be?

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Spiritual life coach Kim Anami teaches, among many other things, the art of vagina weightlifting to help women increase their sexual power.


The University Of Minnesota Is Teaching Female Students How To Have Orgasms Now

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While the University of Toronto is busy throwing massive orgies for its students in swanky water park sex clubs, American colleges are being a little more responsible with the manners in which they promote sex.


Florida Or Ohio: Woman Assaults Boyfriend For Failing To Give Her An Orgasm

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Time to step up your game, Ohio. Florida has been dominating these of late.


The Science of Orgasms


Everything you wanted to know about orgasms, but were too afraid to ask.

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