The NBA And ESPN Are Just Assuming That Dwight Howard Will Be Traded


In case you missed it last night, Dwight Howard had one of the more remarkable games in his career as the Orlando Magic had their most remarkable win of the season.


Brandon Marshall May Have Punched A Chick, Melo May Want To Be Traded But Dwight Definitely Wants To Stay In Orlando…For Now

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<a href="">NY Post:</a> "NFL star receiver Brandon Marshall — whose list of run-ins with the law is as long as a football field — allegedly slugged the woman at a Chelsea nightclub, The Post has learned.


Dwight Howard Convinced To Stay In Orlando By This Heavily Edited Fan Video


I don't know if Ray William Johnson invented that YouTube "edit 3 times in the same sentence so I jump around the screen" thing, but I'm blaming it for him anyway.


Dwight Howard = Cookie Puss


At least he's not doing Fudgie the Whale.

tribute songs

Orlando Magic Fans Have Entered The Song Writing Stage

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With All-Star Weekend’s magnificent machete fights behind us, NBA fans can go back to focusing on the only thing that matters: Jeremy Lin.


NBA Half Time Report: Checking The Preseason Predictions

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Seems a bit early for half the season to be through, but hey, that's what happens when you start work two months late.


So Long NBA All-Star Weekend And Thanks For All The Machete Fights

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I hoped to have a wildly hilarious recap of the NBA’s All-Star Weekend here in Orlando, and between the celebrities, players, posses, groupies and terrified townies, I figured we were in for something spectacular.


Exploding Bubbles And Morning Links


The best part is that a guy who can create exploding chemistry bombs is getting bossed around by his wife.


Pot, Meet Kettle: Shaq Calls Dwight Howard Leaving Orlando A “Travesty”

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Maybe it's the fact <a href="" target="_blank">Dwight Howard</a> is the star player at center for the Orlando Magic.


Dwight Howard Has Gone Full Diva

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Orlando Magic center and free-agent-to-be Dwight Howard has been putting together yet another great season as the NBA’s best big man.


ROFLMNBAO: This Week In NBA Pictures

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Much to no one’s surprise, the Oklahoma City Thunder are currently the best team in the NBA, as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continue their strange “I’m not better than him but I’m secretly better than him” routine, and the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat have all but locked up their eventual meeting in the Eastern Conference Finals.


The Orlando Magic Are Laughably Terrible Right Now

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To say that things aren’t going well for the Orlando Magic would be an incredible understatement.


Why Is Dwight Howard Leaving Orlando Again?

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Last night, the Orlando Magic advanced to 10-3 on the season, good enough for first place in the Eastern Conference Southeast Division, and you think people would be talking more about it but two things are stopping them: 1) Only one of their wins has come against a team with a record above.


ROFLMNBAO: The Best Of This Week’s NBA Action In Pictures

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Since we last checked in on the big picture of the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder (12-2) and Chicago Bulls (12-3) have made it clear that they’re the early favorites and the teams to beat, despite Chris Bosh’s assurance that his Miami Heat (8-4) are still the best team in the NBA.


ROFLMNBAO: The Best Of This Week’s NBA In Pictures

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There have been very few surprises in the NBA through the first 7 games of the season.


At Least Dwight Howard Is Still Trying

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Dwight Howard wants everyone to love him.


The Greatest Plea To Dwight Howard Ever

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With Chris Paul now semi-happily shipped out to Los Angeles, the pressure is on for the Lakers to make a big splash and keep up with their fundamentally disabled little brother, the Clippers, who just received the equivalent of a miraculous stem cell therapy.


Full Court Press: The Potential Trio Of Tracy McGrady, Grant Hill & Tim Duncan

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Don't let what happened last summer in South Beach or what could <a href="">potentially occur</a> in Los Angeles or New York fool you.


This Isn’t How Negotiations Should Happen

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The absolute joy of the NBA lockout coming to a close is that we’re back to a non-stop fury of trade and free agent rumors that make absolutely no sense and are almost entirely unsubstantiated.


Remember When Carmelo Anthony Held His Team Hostage? That’s Chris Paul Now

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So it looks like I jumped the gun with the whole <a href="">"this Chris Paul thing will be fascinating"</a> because it's about as plain and simple as your mom's underwear.

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