Here’s The Haunting Trailer For The Oscar Grant Biopic ‘Fruitvale Station’

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What happened to Oscar Grant four years ago will forever be a black eye on the United States justice system.

Zar The Dip

Mistah F.A.B. Feat. Shady Nate, Zar The Dip & Big Fase Mel – “Oakland (Panther Remix)” Video

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It goes without saying that the Oscar Grant slaying was a repulsive transgression that’s been seared into the hearts of the residents of Oakland and transcended beyond the Bay Area.


7.15 The Cooler

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3.28 The Cooler

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"They're like people.


“The Story Never Ends…” – New Footage In Oscar Grant Murder

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As if the story couldn't get any more tragic, the Bay's KTVU broadcast additional footage of the scene moments before Oscar Grant was murdered by BART cops.


Outrage Over Oscar…

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As expected, a host of rappers have already begun to speak their minds on the unfortunate and unjustified slaying of Oakland resident Oscar Grant by BART police.


Video: Riots In Oakland

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What started out as a protest over the killing of Oscar Grant by BART officer Johannes Mehserle, escalated into a riot in Oakland.


“Overkill…” – The Murder Of Oscar Grant

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Starting off the day the way we ended last night: with a heavier dose of injustice.

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