Allow Artist Heather Rooney To Blow Your Mind By Drawing The Oscars Selfie

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Artist Heather Rooney drew the Oscars selfie that broke Twitter and the result should also be in a museum.


Russia Is Taking The Cold War To A New Level By Giving Leonardo DiCaprio A ‘Russian Oscar’

By | 9 Comments

Russian actors are inviting Leonardo DiCaprio to join their theater troupe by giving him a cast-iron "Russian Oscar" statue.


The LEGO Version Of Ellen’s Selfie Will Haunt Your Dreams

By | 7 Comments

Look at this LEGO version of Ellen's Oscar selfie. Then look away. Then look again.

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Welcome To Showbiz, Kid: The SF Batkid’s Appearance Got Cut From The Oscars

By | 29 Comments

The SF Batkid was supposed to be on the Oscars but got cut at the last minute. Was it Andrew Garfield's fault???


Anna Kendrick’s Oscars Weekend Was Full Of Aubrey Plaza, Burgers, And Corsets

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Anna Kendrick spent Oscars weekend with Aubrey Plaza. What did YOU do?!?

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‘What Is Dallas Buyers Club About?’ The Top 10 Oscars-Related Google Searches

By | 17 Comments

"What is Dallas Buyers Club About?" and the rest of this year's most-searched Oscars questions.

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This Year’s Oscars Was The Highest Rated In 14 Years

By | 10 Comments

Nearly 44 million people tuned in to watch a charming lesbian hand out awards to male models pretending to have AIDs.


John Travolta's Response To His Idina Menzel Gaffe Was Predictably Cheesy

By | 29 Comments

After introducing Idina Menzel as 'Adele Dazeem' before her Oscar performance, John Travolta issued a heartfelt apology. Well, his publicist did.

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Two Academy Members Admit They Voted For '12 Years A Slave' Without Seeing It

By | 109 Comments

Two Academy members anonymously admit voting for '12 Years A Slave' without having seen it.


Inside The '12 Years A Slave' Writer Vs. Director Beef Smelled Around The World

By | 50 Comments

Inside the epic beef between '12 Years A Slave' director Steve McQueen and writer John Ridley, leading to their Oscar night diss-fest.


Jared Leto's Oscars Acceptance Speech Was Cut Out Of The Russian Broadcast. Was It Because He Mentioned Ukraine?

By | 11 Comments

Jared Leto's Oscars acceptance speech didn't make it to the Russian broadcast. Did he keep it too real?


What Would Your Favorite Athletes' Names Be If They Were Travolta-fied?

By | 2 Comments

Let's find out what our favorite athletes' names would be if they were Travolta-fied. You know, for science!


All The EGOT Winners, Ranked

By | 42 Comments

Ranking the best EGOT winners, from not Mel Brooks to Mel Brooks.


Meet The Adorable Russian Pizza Guy Who Delivered Ellen's Oscars Pizza

By | 8 Comments

Edgar from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Hollywood finally got his $600 tip on Monday's 'Ellen' show.


The Lawscars: Your Legal Guide To Oscar-Winning Portrayals Of Lawyers

By | 28 Comments

Our legal correspondent, real-life entertainment lawyer Buttockus Finch, has your guide to everyone who's ever won an Oscar for playing a lawyer.


The 86th Academy Awards: Best And Worst, Winners And Losers, Blah Blah Blah

By | 50 Comments

Some of our favorite and least favorite moments from this year's Oscars. Thank God it's over.


A Night Of No Surprises: The Vegas Favorites Won All But Three Oscars

By | 23 Comments

Here's your full list of 2014 Oscar Winners and Nominees, including the Vegas lines on each prior to the events.

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