Video: The Ostrichcopter Is Going To Haunt Your Dreams

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Dutch artist Bart Jansen is back with his latest creation, the Ostrichcopter, which is a dead ostrich turned into a helicopter in the name of art.


With Leather’s Watch This: It’s A Baby Ostrich House Party

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<a href="http://hypervocal.com/vids/2013/baby-ostrich-dance-party/" target="_blank">What on Earth is happening here</a>.


The Ostrich Charmer


Taming an ostrich with the power of ye old tin whistle.


The ‘Don’t Lay an Egg’ Dash


Apparently, ostrich races exist.


Gentlemen, Start Your Ostriches

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In America's latest attempt to turn sports into Diddy Kong Racing, here's the sixth annual "Extreme Race Day", a Minnesota area event featuring ostrich heats, racing camels, helium-enhanced horse races and more.

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