10 Amazing Sports Predictions For This Week

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I think we all need to take a seat, maybe form a circle and just relax for a few minutes.


Report: Dwight Howard Still Wants Orlando To Trade Him


You had to be either stupid or a blind Magic fan to believe Dwight Howard's flirtation with moving on from Orlando ended at the trade deadline.


Orlando Magic Fire Stan Van Gundy, GM Otis Smith

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After essentially being ousted by star center Dwight Howard in April, the question wasn't if Stan Van Gundy would be fired but when his termination would occur.


The Orlando Magic Are Laughably Terrible Right Now

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To say that things aren’t going well for the Orlando Magic would be an incredible understatement.

#Chris Paul

Where Chaos Happens: 5 Important Plot Lines Of The Shortened NBA Season

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Welcome to Part 1 of a However Many Part It Takes series of With Leather’s Guide to Understanding the Shortened NBA Season.


NBA Trade Rumor: Lakers Would Give Up Andrew Bynum ‘For The Right Deal’

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Jim Buss may finally be willing to part with his love child, his project and his identity.


Here’s A Story That Will Blow Your Mind

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In lieu of my standard quasi-daily NBA labor update, I’ll just say that this season is still screwed.


Dear Otis Smith, I’m Firing You

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I didn’t bother with an NBA Round-Up today because we already knew what was going to happen – the Magic couldn’t maintain consistency and the Lakers would win.


NBA Trade Rumor: Gilbert Arenas To Orlando

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There was talk of Gilbert Arenas going to Orlando this summer, but all that cooled before the season.


Orlando Is Building A Squad To Beat The Heat

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Lost amongst all of the Sports Illustrated covers, ESPY interviews and polls proclaiming the Heat to be nothing short of sensational, the best team in Florida could still be the Orlando Magic.


NBA Trade Rumor: Carlos Boozer to Miami

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Up until July, Orlando's Otis Smith and Toronto's Bryan Colangelo were the two most proactive GM's in the League.

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