Even The Derrick Rose Action Figures Have Given Up Hope

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The latest plastic likeness of Derrick Rose comes with a LEG ASSEMBLY REQUIRED disclaimer. Well played, action figure.


Mall Base Jumping, Or ‘Here’s A Guy Living The Dream’

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The video is called "West Edmonton Mall Base Jumping," but it could just as easily be called "here's a Canadian guy doing something Brandon's always wanted to do -- jumping from the second level of the mall to the first without dying -- but has never done, thanks to a combination of impulse control, a need for personal safety and no friends around going AHH GEE WHIZ HE'S GONNA DO IT, YAHHH".


Bro Wanders On To High School Football Field, Begs To Be Pummeled, Promptly Is

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Last Friday night, 9-0 Placer high school of Auburn, California defeated 4-5 Colfax 24-7 in a much-hyped revenge game, and that’s fun because, Yay sports.


She’s Ganna Make It, She’s Ganna Make It, She … Didn’t Make it


The best part of this video is that she doesn't even fail the way you're expecting to.


Hay, It's The National Shin-Kicking Championships

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Finally, something less constructive than <a href="" target="_blank">Air Sex</a>.


Oh The Carnage! A Look At Yesterday’s Tour De France Crashes

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Ever since Lance Armstrong decided to retire from Tour de France competition, nobody in America has cared much about the biggest event in cycling, with the exception of Tom Danielson and Christian Vande Velde, but 17th and 19th place ain’t going to cut it, fellas.



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It's videos the rest of the day, kiddies.

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