Overly Attached Girlfriend Reading Taylor Swift Lyrics Is Scarier Than Any Horror Film


Overly Attached Girlfriend is a Taylor Swift fan. OF COURSE SHE IS.


Important Debate: Which Movie Girlfriend Was Truly The Original Overly Attached Girlfriend?


Slow July Mondays are built for inane pop culture meets web culture debates amongst people who don't know each other on the internet, and of course Reddit is the foremost authority for such things.


Meme Watch: The Overly Attached Girlfriend Is Not Overly Attached, Just A Little Misunderstood Girlfriend


The Overly Attached Girlfriend may have creeped us out all summer, but it turns out she may have been a Misunderstood Girlfriend after all.


Overly Attached Newspapers And Cats (And Links)

Today's links, featuring a newspaper ad starring the Overly Attached Girlfriend, an overly attached cat, and a cat who really loves fans.

#Justin Bieber

Guess Who Turned 21 (Plus Warner Brothers’ Bad Spelling And Links)


Today's links, featuring the Overly Attached Girlfriend's special day, a 'Dark Knight Rises' flub, and a cat in a jaunty cap riding a bicycle.


Meme Watch: The Overly Attached Girlfriend Has A Brother From Another Mother


The overly attached girlfriend has a male lookalike, and he's just as creepy. Here are 16 of our favorite "overly attached boyfriend" memes.


It's The Justin Bieber-Overly Attached Girlfriend GIF The World Needed

I got all the Bielebering out of my system in 2010 so I'm not sure if the Bieber footage used in this GIF is from something unrelated or whether he is knowingly tossing a nod to his biggest fan (ten internet cool points and the ability to grow sideburns awarded, if so), but I do know I can't get enough of Overly Attached Girlfriend and her perpetual smile and her eyeballs that don't require moisture so I love this GIF.


Properly Filed Corgi, Privacy Cat, And A Memebomb

Meme Watch: Overly Attached Girlfriend The Best and Worst of Ridley Scott |Film Drunk| This Is The Greatest Description Of A Nickelback Concert Ever Written |UPROXX| Questlove Brings D’Angelo To Bonnaroo For His First US Performance In 12 Years |Smoking Section| 10 Reasons Why [...].

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