Video: Tracy McGrady’s First Dunk in China is a Tomahawk

A few weeks after his crazed arrival in China to play for the Qingdao Eagles of the Chinese Basketball Association, Tracy McGrady's season is underway.


We Reminisce: Mike D’Antoni Used to Get Buckets

This montage of Mike D'Antoni 80's-era Euro highlights is pretty great, as is the ridiculous song that accompanies video.


Spanish Players Wrecked Their Rooms After Losing Olympic Gold

Some teams at the London Olympics exited their competitions differently than others.


Video: Allen Iverson Pulls Out The Ankle-Breaking Crossover In Recent China Tour

Over the weekend, Allen Iverson (and Jason Williams) held it down in an exhibition all-star game against the 2012 Chinese Basketball Association champion Beijing Ducks.


Video: London’s Midnight Madness Puts On A Dunk Contest Show

Saturday night's Midnight Madness event in London brought Europe's best unknown players together for a 13th straight year, but Haneef Munir, aka Young Hollywood, and Dmitry "Smoove" Krivenko sent them home buzzing because of their dueling dunk contest show.


SMAA Is The New “Hoop Dreams”

Nate Miles was stabbed in the chest nine months ago and both of his lungs collapsed.


Video: Kobe Drops 68 Points In 15 Minutes In Chinese Charity Game

When Kobe Bryant was just starting out in the NBA, he'd spend his free time seeking out quality runs.


The Best New Format For Basketball In The 2016 Olympics

If we all watched the same Olympics over the past month - including the qualifying games - then we all saw the United States dominate nearly every country outside of Spain in the gold medal game.


We Reminisce: Georgetown Brawls With A Chinese Team

Missouri faced off against the national team of Netherlands on Saturday during a game of their exhibition tour, with Missouri easily outmatching the European squad by 25 points at halftime.


Manu Ginobili Says Argentina Has A 5-10 Percent Chance Of Beating The United States

Team USA is just two wins away from winning a gold medal and continuing their dominance in the international competition.


Why Kobe Bryant Will Never Finish His Career In Europe

There isn't a run in the world Kobe Bryant won't play in.


Australia’s Patty Mills Nails A Buzzer-Beating Three-Pointer To Upset Russia

Patty Mills, the former second round draft pick of the Portland Trail Blazers and current San Antonio Spur, seems to have a knack for the big time.


Clip Of The Day: Jonas Valanciunas Throws Down An Off-The-Backboard Alley-Oop Facial

Lithuania played Iceland in a pre-Olympics exhibition on Tuesday, with Lithuania stomping all over the global northerners by a score of 101-51.


NBA-bound Andrei Kirilenko’s Top 5 CSKA Moscow Plays

No offense to the sanctity of being named the MVP of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague (it's that continent's best league by far), but you're probably wondering why anyone would care about Andrei Kirilenko's best moments from last season.


Video: Jason Williams Revives the Elbow Pass

Whenever we rate the best ballhandlers in the league, I'm saddened by the absence of Jason Williams because he really had the best handle out of anyone I've ever seen.


Video: Jason Williams, Dennis Rodman & Scottie Pippen Show Out In The Philippines

If you didn't know any better, you'd probably say Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen couldn't play anymore.


The Dream Team Or Team USA 2012? The Debate Rages On

Had Kobe Bryant decided to go to college, I could see him as one of those students that purposely won't start writing a term paper until the night before it's due; the type that thrives in classes in which the final exam counts for 50 percent of the grade for the semester.

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