On Having A Strange Emotional Attachment To ‘Wedding Crashers,’ Of All Movies

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Sometimes re-watching a movie can evoke a weird nostalgia, taking you back to another time and place. Wedding Crashers, of all movies, does that for me.


NBC Has Ordered A ‘Marley And Me’ Pilot Because We Haven’t Cried In A While

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The recent reboot explosion continues as NBC looks to give us a new 'Marley and Me' in every sense of the term.


PTA’s ‘Inherent Vice’ Lookin’ Like Lebowski Meets American Hustle In First Trailer

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Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon stars Joaquin Phoenix as a hippie private dick.


0% On Rotten Tomatoes Watch: Amy Poehler And Zach Galifianakis’s ‘Are You Here?’

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A movie starring Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler, and Zach Galifianakis, from the creator of Mad Men, opens this weekend. Why haven't you heard of it?


Watch Owen Wilson Get Urinated On In The Trailer For ‘Night At The Museum 3′

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Excited for another 'Night At The Museum'? Too bad, they made one anyway.

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25 Wes Anderson Movie Facts To Fill You With Whimsy

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Check out 25 facts about Wes Anderson's movies, including why Bill Murray continues to be an awesome human being.

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Owen Wilson Stars In The Killers’ Video For ‘Christmas In L.A.’


This new song by The Killers will likely be the anthem for lots of struggling actors stuck in the Los Angeles area during the holidays this year.


Saturday Night Live's Fake Wes Anderson Horror Trailer Was Pretty Accurate

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Edward Norton gave his best Owen Wilson impression in Saturday Night Live's fake Wes Anderson horror film trailer.


Oh, Just Tom Hiddleston Doing An Impersonation Of Owen Wilson Playing Loki

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And here you've been arguing Scarlett Johansson is the best actor in the Avengers cast.


Everything I Learned about The Internship from Reading the Reviews

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I hate admitting I'm not the infallible creature many of you take me for, but the truth is, I don't get to see every movie.


They made another trailer for The Internship, and they forgot to put in jokes again

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Like most beer-loving bro-dawgs my age, I have fond memories of Wedding Crashers.

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Drive: Starring Owen Wilson


What if Drive starred Owen Wilson instead of Ryan Gosling.


Can Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn Win Again With New Movie ‘The Internship’?

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Despite their star power, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn's post-Wedding Crashers resume is a bit spotty*.


Locker Room Crashers: Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson congratulate 49ers

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I live in San Francisco, so obviously this is the most important story of the day for me.


Steely Dan’s Letter to Luke Wilson Complaining about Owen Wilson’s You, Me, and Dupree

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One of my favorite special-interest websites is Letters of Note, which curates all sorts of correspondence between prominent figures.


Bob Kraft Had A Good Reason For Punching That Guy And Calling Him A Pussy


In yesterday's Morning Links we shared with you the bizarre audition tape wherein New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft flirts with actress/girlfriend Ricki Lander (best known role: "Flight Attendant" in Iron Man, calls a Dante from Clerks looking dude a pussy and punches him in the face in exaggerated slow motion.

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The Best Of #The Royal Tenenbaums


Moonrise Kingdom opens this week and looks to be glorious, what with all the shirtless Bill Murray + wine bottle.


Want To Watch Olivia Wilde Jiggle Her Boobs?

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Olivia Wilde made the cover of British GQ’s new Comedy Special issue devoted to "Kings of Comedy.

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