Watch This Snowy Owl ‘Laugh’ Whenever This Man Comes To Visit Him


This snowy owl might be laughing on the outside, but it is not to be trusted on the inside.


True Facts About The Owl

The owl gets the always entertaining True Facts treatment.


Italian Family's Owl Sanctuary

The Falconieri delle Orobie are a family from the town of Villa d'Adda, Italy, who have made the adoption of owls their full-time hobby.


Superb Owl, “No” Supercut, and Links

The Internet Darwin Awards [Uproxx] Guess Who's Seven [UproxxNews] An interview with the owner of Lobster Dog (with pictures) [WarmingGlow] Brent Celek Explains His Strange Condition (video) [KSK] Captain's Log: Marisa Miller [WithLeather] Hurwitz wants Arrested Development film out this year [WarmingGlow] "The Dogfather" could be [...].


Harry Potter Fans Blamed for Rash of Owl Kidnappings in India


Japan enjoys a well-deserved reputation for all things batpoop loco, but India is headed to the top of the crazy chart with a bullet.


Links With A Sexy Inception

Dumb criminals in the news  [UproxxNews] Human Centipede sequel to be 400% more 'medically accurate' [Filmdrunk] A dolphin and a dog playing together [ The Five Best Moments From ‘Hard Knocks’ Episode Three [KissingSuzyKolber] 11 day, 62 mile traffic jam [TheSmokingSection] Pool-playing dog [Buzzfeed] Well, that's [...].


Links With An Unamused Owl


PICTURE: (click to enlarge) "Billy the 16-year-old eagle owl is kept cool by his owner Mick Warrior in Havant, Hants" [via] Summer Buyer's Guides: Chodin gives a movie recommendation Dan recommends video games Vince recommends a DVD Improv Everywhere's Star Wars [...].

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