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Tyler Perry’s Oprah video is ‘so funny!!!’ according to Tyler Perry

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This morning I received an email telling me: "You have got to see Tyler Perry's Madea looks for OWN in The Color Purple.


Oprah Is In Trouble With the Nielsen People

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Image via <a href="">Shutterstock</a> Last night during the Grammys, Oprah took to Twitter to beg her followers to switch to her fledgling network, OWN.


Oprah Still Hates Disabled People

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This is a screencap from the results page of Oprah Winfrey's "Your Own Show" contest for her OWN Network.


Oprah Hates Handicapped People

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Ever since <a href="" target="_self">Zach Anner's video submission</a> to Oprah's "Search for the Next TV Star" went viral, he has led <a href="" target="_blank">the online voting for the contest</a>, at one point being ahead by some 1.


Seriously, Give This Guy a Show

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By far and away, Zach Anner is my favorite wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy-afflicted aspiring TV host.


The Next Oprah Has Cerebral Palsy

By | 8 Comments

This video has been all over Reddit and Digg and all those big Internet aggregators, but it merits an appearance on this little corner of the TV-obsessed internet as well: it's Zach Anner's pitch to Oprah for a travel show on her new network.

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