Raven-Symoné Doesn’t Want To Be Labeled As ‘Gay’ Or ‘African-American’

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Raven-Symoné tells Oprah that she doesn't want to be labeled as gay or African-American', so that should go over well.


Lindsay Lohan Could Possibly Go To Jail If She Lied About Her Miscarriage On Her Reality Show

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Lindsay Lohan is now using her miscarriage as an excuse to get out of legal woes. Maybe not the best idea.


Reports: Lindsay Lohan Lied About Her Miscarriage, Is Off The Wagon And Dating A Married Man

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What a surprise: Dfferent sources are claiming that Lohan's miscarriage was a last minute ploy for sympathy and to justify her crappy behavior.


Lindsay Lohan Claims To Have Had A Miscarriage During The Filming Of Her Docuseries

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In the series finale of her docuseries, Lindsay Lohan says that she flaked out of filming for two weeks due to a miscarriage.


Tyler Perry’s Oprah video is ‘so funny!!!’ according to Tyler Perry

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This morning I received an email telling me: "You have got to see Tyler Perry's Madea looks for OWN in The Color Purple.


Oprah Is In Trouble With the Nielsen People

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Image via Shutterstock Last night during the Grammys, Oprah took to Twitter to beg her followers to switch to her fledgling network, OWN.


Oprah Still Hates Disabled People

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This is a screencap from the results page of Oprah Winfrey's "Your Own Show" contest for her OWN Network.


Oprah Hates Handicapped People

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Ever since Zach Anner's video submission to Oprah's "Search for the Next TV Star" went viral, he has led the online voting for the contest, at one point being ahead by some 1.


Seriously, Give This Guy a Show

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By far and away, Zach Anner is my favorite wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy-afflicted aspiring TV host.


The Next Oprah Has Cerebral Palsy

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This video has been all over Reddit and Digg and all those big Internet aggregators, but it merits an appearance on this little corner of the TV-obsessed internet as well: it's Zach Anner's pitch to Oprah for a travel show on her new network.

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