Smoke Up, Johnny: The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year Is… Vape

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Oxford Dictionaries has announced 2014's Word of the Year. I hope you're happy, society. You did this.


Shut It Down, Society: The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The Year Is… Selfie

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The act of taking a picture of yourself for all the Internet to mock is now being celebrated, as 'selfie' has been named the 2013 Word of the Year.


Hipster Elitist Ruins British Boat Race Because He Hates Elitists

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Ever since that whole “Occupy” thing started way back when, I was always curious as to why there weren’t more protesters at sporting events, railing against those millionaire athletes and billionaire owners for having all that success and money and not giving it away for free.

Tier 0

Nike Air Force 1 Supreme Oxford

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Since they're "Tier 0" and have the name "Supreme" attached, chances are these pics are one of the few times you'll see these joints.

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