No need to reinvent the wheel. No, sir. Not in the world of gut-kicking, heart-wrenching, life-devastating R&B. Back lighting, slow motion shots, throwing of objects. Yes. Yes. Aaaand yes. What you fellas may not know is that these ballads are a vital step in a woman's relationship recovery. The Kubler-Ross stages of grief go as follows: Denial --> Anger --> Bargaining --> Depression --> R&B Ballad --> Acceptance. What I love about these videos is their innate ability to make me feel like I should be hating/missing some man. Like I really really feel right now like I just went through some tumultuous relationship, and Lord knows that's not the case. K. Michelle, you make me want to knock over a champagne glass or throw a vase, too, with this latest in work-commute ditties that procure ample singing, relating and tears.