This San Francisco Tour Guide Lets Chinatown Know How She Really Feels

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This video shows an awful San Francisco tour guide unleashing a racist rant over everything she hates about Chinatown.

the smurfs

Britney Spears And Katy Perry Put On An Awkward Photo Clinic At The ‘Smurfs 2′ Premiere


I do not have "Britney Spears," "Katy Perry," or "Smurfs 2" Google alerts. Swear.

painfully awkward

Joe Scarborough Literally Cannot Bear To Watch Mitt Romney’s Awkward Attempt To Rally A Crowd

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Mitt Romney inspires Joe Scarborugh to bury his face in his hands and cry, "sweet Jesus." The Most Painfully Awkward Man in the World strikes again!


You Likely Won’t Be Able To Make It Through This Painfully Awkward Supercut Of Mitt Romney Being Painfully Awkward

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Years of Mitt Romney trying to be relatable and funny on camera = a treasure trove of painfully awkward Money Boo Boo moments.

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