Scientifically Accurate Barney The Dinosaur Is Somehow Even Worse Than Regular Barney

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ADHD ruins more memories with 'Scientifically Accurate Barney The Dinosaur'. Which paleontologist figured out T Rex donger size, anyway?

#Jurassic World

Why ‘Jurassic World’ Shouldn’t “Fix” Its Dinosaurs

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'Jurassic World' isn't going to be scientifically accurate. And in the end, that's a good thing.


One Of The Greatest Extinctions In History May Have Been Caused By Farts

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How harmless is farting? 250 million years ago, it nearly made the Earth a lifeless husk.


You’re All Descended from Brainless Sponges

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Here's a little factoid to pull out whenever you want to piss off "my grandpa wasn't a monkey.


Turning Chickens Into Dinosaurs… What Could Go Wrong?

By | 4 Comments

Paleontologist Jack Horner's wanted a pet dinosaur for years.


Triceratops Really Did Exist?

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You may have heard reports that scientists at the Museum of the Rockies decided to punch your childhood in the face by declaring the Triceratops wasn't a distinct species, but just what a Torosaurus looked like as a teenager.

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