Weekend Preview: The Christmas Season Officially Begins

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It's A Wonderful Life (NBC, Saturday) - The annual airing of the Jimmy Stewart classic always marks the start of the holiday season for me.


Ashley Greene Is Coming to ‘Pan Am’

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Twilight star Ashley Greene will make a three-episode stint on ABC's "Pan Am," which is excellent news if you like looking at Ashley Greene but can't tolerate the thought of watching a Twilight movie.


‘Pan Am’ Is Doing Great

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So far, "Pan Am's" biggest contribution to the TV landscape has been providing hacky writers with an excuse to use airplane metaphors while discussing the show's ratings.


The Official Warming Glow Fall TV Preview Drinking Game

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In case you missed the ads plastered all over this webpage yesterday, last night was the season premiere of "Sons of Anarchy," effectively beginning the Fall 2011 TV season.

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Why Is ‘Pan Am’ Is at Comic-Con?

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Much to my surly annoyance, Comic-Con has begun today, filling up my various news feeds with geeky crap about elves and sorcerers and spaceships and vampires and Pokemon and.


Here’s ABC’s Schedule for 2011-12

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Like Fox and NBC yesterday, ABC unveiled its new fall schedule this morning, revealing a total of 13 new shows (seven in the fall, six more at midseason).


ABC Cancels Crappy Shows, Picks Up New Ones

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Okay, now that Fox has canceled a bunch of its shows and NBC's fall lineup is starting to solidify, it's time to get the update for ABC's stack of pilots.


Christina Ricci: Beatnik Stewardess

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Christina Ricci has accepted her first leading television role: she'll play the protagonist in the forthcoming "Pan Am," ABC's attempt to ride the "Mad Men" wave with a '60s drama.

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Coming to ABC: 'Mad Men Me If You Can'

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ABC has obtained the right to use the defunct Pan Am brand for a drama set in the 1960s about stewardesses for the bankrupt airline.

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