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Watch This Guy Make Some ‘Star Wars’ Pancakes For Pancake Day In The UK


While America celebrates Mardi Gras with beads and boobs, a chef in the UK marked "Pancake Day" with 'Star Wars'-themed pancakes.


Watch This Pancake Master Cook The Original 151 Pokémon As Pancakes

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Pancake master Daniel Drake has uploaded a video of him cooking 151 Pokemon pancakes to YouTube.


Here’s A Father Actually Having To Tell His Son: ‘You Can’t Hit People Because You Want Pancakes!’

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You shouldn't have to be told, at any age, not to punch people because you want pancakes.


Here’s One Way To Impress Your Kids On Father’s Day


One dad experiments for years with Lego and pancake batter to appease his young daughters.


Mini Pancakes


The latest track from upbeat songmaker Parry Gripp is all about tiny pancakes.


Attention Ladies Of NYC: An Artist From Ohio Named Dallas Would Like To Treat You To Pancakes

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Craving pancakes and artsy conversation, ladies? Have we got the possible serial killer for you!


Awesome Dad Makes Geeky Pancake Art For His Kids


Make me a life-sized Tauntaun one so I can crawl inside.

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Wouldn’t You Like To Sink Your Teeth Into This Ryan Gosling Pancake, Ladies?


Apparently, there's a nice lady in Chicago who has a talent for making pancakes that look like celebrity faces.


Bow Before Our Pancake-Flipping Robot Overlords


Not happy with only teaching a robot how to iron their towels, Darwin G.

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