Here Are The Top ‘Most Liked’ Songs In The History Of Pandora

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Pandora shares the 10 most-liked songs in its 10-year history. And you thought Gotye was just somebody that you used to know.

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Pharrell’s Earnings From Millions Of ‘Happy’ Plays On Pandora Are Very Sad

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Pharrell's "Happy" was streamed millions of times and earned him less than $3,000.

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All Songs Created Before 1972 Might Get Yanked From Pandora

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Pandora is about to experience a serious music gap, thanks to a new lawsuit.


The 8 Must-Have Apps To Immediately Get For Google’s Chromecast

By | 21 Comments

Have you bought the must-have Chromecast? Well, you're going to need these apps for it.


Apple May Be Poised To Compete With Spotify By Adding Subscriptions To iTunes

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If Apple offered an iTunes streaming service that was cheaper than Spotify, would you take a chance to use it?


Internet Radio Had A Very Bad Quarter, And It’ll Only Get Worse

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Internet radio is... not doing very well right now.


Pandora Is Angry Musicians Don’t Want To Take A Pay Cut

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Pandora is advocating for a law that cuts royalties to musicians. But, hey, musicians! Pandora can give you valuable exposure!

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Pandora Limiting Free Mobile Users To Forty Hours A Month


Pandora decides to limit those using its free mobile service to 40 hours a month. And needless to say there's a bit more to it than just royalties.


Pandora Vs. The Music Industry Part 8,341

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Pandora: "Stop robbing us!" Music Industry: "How about we rob this other guy just as much?" Musicians: "Stop robbing US!" Everybody else laughs.


10.31 The Cooler

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Delianna Urena Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.


Apple Going Toe-To-Toe With Pandora In 2013

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Apple thinks it can take over Internet radio. Hmmmm.... Yes. Yes it can.


7.4 The Cooler

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Kansas Patrick Bill Clinton Netted $13.


Question Of The Day: What’s Your Most Used Music App?

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With the influx of tablets plus smartphones becoming more brilliant by the day, more people are using their mobile devices for everything once reserved for PCs and laptops.

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The Black Keys Shun Spotify, Other Streaming Services

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A couple of weeks ago I was having dinner with a couple of music industry friends -- one who manages a few quite popular bands and another who founded a startup that streams concerts on the web -- and at some point the conversation turned to music streaming services like Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio, Pandora, etc.


You Can Now Listen To Comedy On Pandora


Okay, let me guess -- you woke up this morning wondering, "What new and innovative ways can I goof off on the internet while at work today so as to avoid doing any actual, you know, work.


4.24 The Cooler

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