This Chinese Guy Putting On Pants Without Using His Hands Is The Year’s Most Majestic Lifehack Video

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Watch as a Chinese man majestically puts on his skin-tight pants without using his hands -- all to the tune of The Final Countdown.


Here’s Brock Lesnar Posing With The Founders Of Jimmy John’s And Wearing Epic Grandpa Pants

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WWE and UFC star Brock Lesnar can be seen here posing with the founders of Jimmy John's, and also wearing the most incredible grandpa pants ever.


With Leather’s Watch This: How Not To End A Hot Wing Eating Contest

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A peaceful hot wing eating contest ended with a pantsing and a punch in the face, which is how every hot wing eating contest should end.


Unzipping World Record


Andre Hoeden unzips the zipper on his pants 204 times in 30 seconds, setting a new world record.

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