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Here’s What Iggy Azalea Really Said To The Papa John’s Delivery Guy Who Stole Her Number

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Iggy Azalea gives the facts on what really happened between her and Papa John's.

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Papa John’s Punished The Driver Who Gave Out Iggy Azalea’s Phone Number

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That's the last time Iggy Azalea calls Papa John's for mediocre pizza.

#Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea’s Papa John’s Delivery Guy Gave Her Phone Number Out And She’s Not Happy About It

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A Papa John's delivery guy decided to give Iggy Azalea's number away and she is not happy about it.

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Papa John’s And PepsiCo Teamed Up To Bring Us The Fritos Chili Pizza

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Introducing the latest Papa John's creation, the Fritos Chili Pizza, or that idea your stoned friend had eight years ago.


Urban Meyer Eating Pizza Is The Saddest Picture Of The Year

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Urban Meyer looked pretty bummed as he ate pizza after his Ohio State Buckeyes lost to Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship.


Sweet Tat, Rick Pitino


Ladies man and the reigning best college basketball coach in the state of Kentucky and beyond, Rick Pitino, is a man of his word.


A Few Words From Papa John Schnatter On The Louisville Cardinals’ Victory

By | 16 Comments

“Papa” John Schnatter is, of course, the founder of the Papa John’s pizza franchise, and he’s a graduate of Ball State University.


Today's Nightmare Fuel: Rapping Jerry Jones

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"Rapping Jerry Jones" in all caps was almost this entire post.

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