Paper Route Gangstaz

PRGz Feat. Jackie Chain – “Chevy”


A lot of rap's best tunes are coming from Alabama right now, whether the source be rappers or producers.

Paper Route Gangstaz

Paper Route Gangstaz – Hood Headlinaz 3

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Quietly, 'Bama's becoming a bubbling cauldron of musical talent. PRGz drop the third installment in their Hood Headlinaz series to keep the state's momentum going as well as their own.

Shawn Coleman

Paper Route Gangstaz – “Anutha Night” Video

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PRGz bring forth a video for "Anutha Night," their ode to life on the open road with countless nights spent on Southern highways, cramped but crunk clubs and in late night studio sessions.

Rocket Fuel EP

Paper Route Gangstaz – “Addicted To Balling”

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PRGz make music specifically for listeners who measure their life weekend to weekend.

Paper Route Gangstaz

Paper Route Gangstaz – Hood Headlinaz Volume 2 (Still Headlinin) Mixtape

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Just in time for the weekend road trip, Alabama's own PRGz unleashing 16 new tracks for their latest street album Hood Headlinaz Vol.

Shawn Coleman

Paper Route Gangstaz – “Anutha Night”

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Love at first sight listen. Paper Route Gangtaz never fail to bring it and they do it once again with "Anutha Night," the leading leak from their upcoming Hood Headlinaz Volume 2: Still Headlinin' mixtape.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – “Alabama”

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PRGz's Hunts Vegas... is probably one of the most talked about but unrecognized tapes that made a splash among critics in the past few calendars.

Paper Route Gangstaz

“Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’…”

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I think Mundy and I have been discussing "Rollin'" for about a week now, with Mundy getting full credit for the initial cosign.

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