What’s On Tonight: ‘Archer’ Hits The Alps And Dwight Schrute Plays A Cop In The ‘Backstrom’ Premiere

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'Archer' goes to the swiss alps, Rainn Wilson's new dysfunctional cop show premiers, and a surprise death hits 'Mom'.


What’s On Tonight: Sterling Goes Into A Revenge Rampage On ‘Archer’


Slater and Conway Stern return to 'Archer', couples counseling on 'Portlandia', and Max tries to solve a mystery on 'Parenthood'


What’s On Tonight: ‘Archer’ Returns From Miami

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'Archer' returns for its 6th season, 'Portlandia' returns for its 5th season, and Sheldon goes dress shopping on 'Big Bang Theory'.


The 50 Best TV Series On Netflix, Ranked

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What TV series should you watch next on Netflix? Start here.


What’s On Tonight: Sherlock Tries To Disprove The Rise Of The Machines On ‘Elementary’

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Sherlock is weary of a piece of software on 'Elementary', a suspect is questioned on 'Gracepoint', and Nick Offerman appears on '@Midnight'.


What’s On Tonight: It’s Hard Lessons And Hard Times On ‘Parenthood’

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Max wants to ask a girl out on 'Parenthood', the Bills play the Dolphins, and panic hits Det. Miller and the town on 'Gracepoint'.


Lauren Graham Is Joining CBS’s ‘The Odd Couple’ Reboot

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Lauren Graham will be joining the cast of CBS's "The Odd Couple" as Oscar Madison's ex-wife Gaby.


What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: Two New Netflix Original Series

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The latest additions, expirations, and news pertaining to Netflix's TV catalogue.


Watch: Crucifictorious Reunites In Splendid ‘Friday Night Lights’ And ‘Parenthood’ Crossover

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The Christian death metal band from Friday Night Lights reunited this week in a part one of a very cute web series.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Otter Mom Teach Her Fluffy Little Pups How To Swim

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Mo and Ziggy are here to bring some warmth to your ice cold heart.


Dax Shepard Wrote A Heartfelt Article About His Dying Father Meeting His Unborn Child

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Wanna feel things today? Red Dax Shepard's blog post about his dying father "meeting" Dax and Kristen Bell's unborn child.

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So, Who Is TV’s Most Annoying Kid Character Now?

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Now that Carl Grimes is kind of awesome, who takes his crown as the most annoying kid character on TV? So many right answers, and none of them are Joffrey.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Sons,’ Son

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'Sons of Anarchy' returns tonight for its fifth season. This is a thing that is important.


The 10 Best Episodes of the 2011-2012 Network Television Season

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Now that the end of the network season has arrived, I thought it would be fun to catalog the ten best episodes of the network season (again, note the word "Network," which excludes shows on HBO, FX, AMC, and Showtime).


What’s On Tonight: The Return of Penny Can

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Cougar Town (ABC) -- If you've never seen the show because of its lame title, or if you checked out after the first few episodes before the show found its legs, I cannot emphasize enough what an incredibly funny show you're missing.


Every TV Show Has an Omar Little

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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, <a href="https://twitter.com/#!/danielwcarlson">Daniel Carlson</a>, thought it'd be fun to juxtapose quotes from "The Wire" with images from "Downton Abbey.


What’s On Tonight: Three of the Best Dramas on Television, That’s What

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Southland (TNT) -- I know we're all about "Justified" here on WarmingGlow, and for good reason, but I thought we'd give some header love to "Southland," which is probably the best television drama you're not watching.


The Ten Worst Answers for ‘Best Show on Television’

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There's a never-ending -- and problematic -- discussion about the "best show on television.

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